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    Tip Tuesday – Bringing Mindfulness to Each Session!

    Mindful Iron Paradise 

    Try being present with everything from getting ready to getting home from the gym. 

    Just one session not on auto pilot. 

    Bring mindfulness to each activity. 

    Wake up and don’t put your alarm on snooze.  Get dressed, perhaps even with your clothes out from the night before. 

    Tie your shoes the best you’ve ever tied them. If you’re eating before you train, have it prepared the night before. If you’re having a piece of fruit or a shake… think about how this is going to fuel your body and give it the energy it needs to smash a workout.

    Drive to them gym and think about how excited you are to train that day. 

    When you get to the gym, get in a little early.   Listen to your body- stretch and move. If you’re feeling tight; address it. 

    Have a look at the workout and visualise the weights you’ll be lifting today. Go in with a plan and if you have any areas you want to get better at- let the coach know. 

    Think about technique, don’t rush the heavy lifting. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. 

    Put on that extra 2.5kg weight and challenge yourself.

    Push to get that last rep. Fight to finish that last round in the AMRAP or get that target before the bell. 


    …Once you’ve done that, maybe do it for a whole day. − Before you go to sleep at night, take a few minutes and bring your attention to your breathing. Observe five mindful breaths.


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