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    Tip Tuesday – 5 Steps for building muscle as a women!



    A moderate energy surplus or maintenance calories.

    You can’t BUILD much without the energy to do so.

    Note: Yes, you can build muscle and lose fat at the same time…But it is slower and even less likely if you’re NOT new to exercise and you are relatively lean.

    I recommend being in a moderate calorie surplus and at the very least, at maintenance calories.

    Building muscle is slow enough as it is, and it will be even slower and possibly nonexistent if you insist on trying to grow without the energy to do so!

    In saying this, there is no need to be in a huge calorie surplus despite what many would have you believe…And this will more than likely trip you up.

    Lift heavy weights at least 2-3 x a week.

    Lifting heavy weights is a much more efficient way of building muscle. You could lift light weights to failure but you probably won’t, and it is a hella lotta reps.

    Remember, you want to build muscle…Not increase your endurance capacity. Think specifically towards your goal.

    Split your work outs up over the week to allow for optimal recovery and adaption, and program them sensibly depending on the number of work outs you intend to do.


    2-3 x a week = fully body work outs

    3-4 x a week = push, pull, legs, full body

    5-6 x a week = push, pull legs (x2) or body part split if that’s your jam

    Compounds not kickbacks.

    Self-explanatory really…Use big muscle groups. Stimulate more muscle. Grow more muscle. Get stronger.

    If you insist on doing cable glute kickbacks, at least do them as well as your compound lifts e.g. Squats…Barbell squats…Not air squats (even if they’re with a ‘pulse’).


    Follow the above consistently, over time, to see results.

    It will likely take longer than you think. But what’s the alternative? Give up? Not you. No way!


    Growing muscle takes time…An annoyingly long time. It is a slow process…By comparison, fat loss is fast!

    Good things (big booty’s & sick triceps) come to those who are patient and consistent!

    Let’s get lifting ladies!

    See you in the strength gym.

    Coach Gab


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