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    Tip Tuesday – 3 Tips for Keeping Your Shoulders Functioning!


    Don’t Overload the Front of the Shoulder

    Be aware of your posture when sitting or standing and make the necessary corrections to avoid ugly shoulder positions. In the weight room, balance your pressing movements with pulling movements, and implement specific external rotation exercises to help maintain balanced shoulders.

    Develop Scapular Strength

    The scapulae (or shoulder blades) are inherently important when talking about shoulder function. They are the foundation for both mobility and stability in dynamic shoulder actions. Maintaining good scapular ROM and developing scapular strength in stable positions is key for optimal performance and injury prevention. Pull-ups, reverse flys, and bent rows are all great tools to strengthen the muscles that control the scapulae and can be performed with a band or weights

    Roll Out + Stretch Your Lats

    Tight lats can limit your overhead ROM. Reducing some of that tightness can free up your scapulae, which in turn can improve shoulder mobility and allow for better overhead positions. Increasing your overhead ROM can help reduce the amount of anterior stress on the deltoids and help the shoulder function optimally. Many strength coaches avoid overhead movements, but this diminishes the amount of strength stimulus that can be introduced to the shoulder and leave it as a weak link in the kinetic chain. Keeping the lats supple can help to keep shoulder ROM high, preventing the movement compensations that can over-stress either the low back or the front of the shoulder.


    Coach Alex


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