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    This time next week, we’ll all be training Together!!!

    Hi Team,

    Well, we’re nearly (sorta, kinda) back.  The government announcement that we can return to the gym from next Monday (with a few caveats) will see us reopen the doors bright and early.  We have pretty much reconstructed the boxing gym from the ground up (not an exaggeration) and tried to re-imagine it as a ‘friendly’ training environment for the post-COVID world…have we achieved our goal?  Well, you will be the judge of that from next week.

    First up, a few things.  And that main thing is class sizes of 20!

    This is going to mean we all MUST BOOK IN for sessions.  If you want to train, you are going to have to book.  So stay tuned for the ‘Here is how to use the booking system’ email that is coming (just as soon as I get it working!!).  Because of this, I have cut the session times in the BOXING GYM down to 30-minutes to enable more of our clients to get through the doors and train…don’t worry, you will still get a workout for the ages!  This also means some of the TIMES have changed:

    Mornings (Boxing)

    ·      4:50am

    ·      5:25am

    ·      6am

    ·      6:35am

    ·      7:10am


    ·      9am

    ·      9:35am

    Mornings (Strength)

    ·      5am

    ·      6am


    After that, we have to CLOSE.  We are ONLY allowed to open for classes…so if you want to train, you need to book in to one of them!

    Lunchtime (Boxing) – We will re-open @12pm

    ·      12:10pm

    Lunchtime (Strength)

    ·      1pm


    Once again, after that we have to CLOSE.  We are ONLY allowed to open for classes…

    Afternoon/Evening (Boxing) – We will re-open @3:30pm

    ·      3:50pm

    ·      4:25pm

    ·      5pm

    ·      5:35pm

    ·      6:10pm

    ·      6:45pm

    ·      7:20pm

    8pm – Closed

    Afternoon/Evening (Strength)

    ·      4:30pm (DAP)

    ·      5:30pm (Funky)

    ·      6:30pm (Funky)

    p.s.  I haven’t updated the ‘timetable’…so just hold fire before you tell me that this isn’t what it says from the timetable link…I appreciate your thoroughness…but I already know! 🙂

    A few things to remember:

    1.     Don’t come in to the gym early!!!  You can’t actually come inside…so…just wait!

    2.     Class done?  Go HOME!  You can’t hang around – finish your session, clean up YOUR cell (quickly) and go out the side door.

    3.     You can’t use the gym ‘doing your own thing’ – it’s pretty clear in the rules – it is a class or nothing.  So do a class.  Enjoy it.

    4.     You can’t use the showers after a class.  So have a plan to get changed without it.

    5.     PT for the moment is OUT.  We are looking at stage 3 for that to be fully back ‘on’.

    6.     Things probably aren’t going to be perfect right away.  Don’t stress.  Let’s all take the good from this and understand that the ‘BAD’ is going to get better.  The regular time-table will return.  Your access to free weights and your own routine will be back in time…for now, this is what we have all got!

    Personally, I’m excited just to see everyone and ‘get going’ again.  I can’t wait for you all to see the changes we have made to the gym – it is genuinely new and exciting – and no-one else has a system that will enable them to socially distance in the gym for the LONG-TERM!

    Do I want to be dealing with booking systems and time-table changes and other such ‘stuff’.  Well…not really.  Actually.  No.  No I do not.  But that’s what we’ve got right now so we may as well just be happy and get on with it!

    See you in the gym (next week).



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