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    The WHYS of the ‘SUMMER SLAM’

    Hey Team,

    Thanks to everyone who got along to a session or three last week – we really appreciate the support.  I’ve been really enjoying the “deload” in the strength gym – this little 4-week, hypertrophy mix’n’match is really working for me in terms of just being a whole bundle of fun.  I did 5x Funky sessions and only one boxing last week (it’s pretty rare that I do more Functional than boxing…gotta get that cardio!) but somehow I have found that the mix of upper and lower together with the fun little workouts has really suited my current training mindset…anyway, really loving it. 

    I also managed to get to yesterday’s “TANKS TAKEOVER” functional fitness session (I jumped in at 9:15am).  Again, loved it…thanks to all the coaches who have been getting stuck into me for dragging my chain of course.

    The Summer Slam is NEARLY here.  And I wanted to write today about WHY we have the “Summer Slam” and WHY we run it in October/November.
    What has been your biggest health and fitness kryptonite over the past few years? Is it nutrition?  Is it staying consistent with gym routine?  Is it something simple like being a little ‘inconsistent’ with hitting your 10000 steps or maybe sitting up too long watching tv and missing out on enough quality sleep?

    Well – the end of year period we all call ‘The Holidays’ are notoriously a time when it is super challenging to stay on track with fitness and nutrition.  The weather is warming up, every day brings a new excuse for a barbecue and a beer…what can I tell you!  ‘The HOLIDAYS’ are 100% not the time to try and create Healthy Habits.  The time to do that is in the spring – before that end of year, pre-Christmas period hits.  In this way, you will have your positive habits SET and you will still be able to move the needle in the right direction as we head into…’The Holidays’.

    So – that’s why we have the ‘Summer Slam’.  And that’s why it runs in OCTOBER!

    Summer Slam this year is going to be something a bit special and a bit different.  For everyone out there who wants a challenge that has them breathing fire at the gym and subsisting on fresh cooked air and the steam of Nepalese spring water, well…I guess there is a TINY bit of that?  I mean, the extra workouts we have created are challenging…but this challenge is really focussed on HEALTHY HABITS in and out of the gym.  It is focussed on trying to help you find time to train AND time to de-stress.  It is focussed on trying to help you see healthy food as something that can make you HAPPY rather than just a pathway to lose a couple of kgs…it is a challenge with a bit of a difference.

    YES – there are some food guidelines and I’ll go through that in a moment.  And yes there are some requirements around completing classes and training extras.  But this challenge is so much more than that.  This challenge will try to help you reconnect with ways to RELAX/De-Stress that aren’t NetFlix related.  

    Summer Slam this year includes some non-gym ‘EXTRAS’.  There is a list of 30-cool little tasks – some take 5 minutes, some are ‘month long journeys’ – that we want you to choose 20 of and complete during the month.  Some – like listen to an entire music album from start to finish WITHOUT interruption seem like they should be easy but are surprisingly (in this day of iPhones and constant social media connections) surprisingly hard.  Others – like the ‘Learn a new Skill’ challenge are open-ended and tricky and, I mean, what does that even mean?  As an example, last year I challenged myself to learn how to shave with a ‘proper’ razor (safety razor)…it was tricky, challenging, frustrating…and so worth it.  This time I am going to master a simple skill I have always been crap at – cook a PERFECT poached egg.  I know the theory but have never TAKEN THE TIME to do it properly and practice it to the point where I KNOW how to do it and can do it ‘on demand’…after the Summer Slam, you betcha I will be doing that!

    What are some other examples?  Go a day without creating any ‘rubbish’ – everything you use must finish the day in compost or landfill.  Plant ‘something’.  Go ‘Caffeine Free’ for a day. Make a desert out of vegetables.  The list is not TOO specific on a lot of things – some of the tasks are a little open to interpretation – this is ON PURPOSE.  Basically it’s about doing ‘stuff’ that is mindful and different.  It is about challenging yourself to break out of the ‘Work-sleep-work’ treadmill we are all on (with the obvious ‘take the kids to 11000 sporting activities and maybe squeeze in a gym session for me’ exceptions set aside).

    This Summer Slam is going to be EPIC.  It goes for your choice of 4-weeks or 6-weeks and starts IMMEDIATELY after school holidays (so October 10th kick-off).  Weigh-ins are optional – if you don’t want the pressure of weighing in/using the body scanner…DON’T.  Class and gym requirements are STRAIGHT-Forward.  Our recommendation to everyone is to do 3x sessions per week, 52x weeks of the year…and the challenge ONLY needs you to do 3x classes per week to get to the end…if you want to do more – of course, knock yourself out.  And the food rules are SIMPLER than ever.  No bread and no pasta – that stays.  BUT.  You are allowed 4x standard drinks each week if you want them – so don’t stress about ‘missing out’..  And whilst we ‘RECOMMEND’ you abandon all sweeteners and cross them out, honestly…this is up to you.  We give you the option to ‘track’ excluding sweeteners if you like, but if this doesn’t work for you, well, in this challenge it just doesn’t matter.

    This is all a bit of a throwback to past challenges at the gym.  ‘28-days-Later’ runs in February and is all about slamming the door on the bad habits formed over Christmas and getting back on track.  ‘Summer Slam’ was always intended as a ‘create the habit’ type challenge with ‘simpler’ rules and a ‘gentler’ approach…I know that I cannot wait!

    The ‘Summer Slam’ challenge will be available for sign-up in the next few weeks and there will be options for individuals (members), individuals (non-members) and families (people on family memberships).  I know I’m pretty excited to get started…

    See you in the gym,


    P.S.  Before I go, this is (I think) the last week our half-price 2-week-trial will be available – if you know someone who is thinking about getting started: 



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