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    The week ahead, Class experience, March Challenge is ON!

    Hi and welcome to another week.

    The last few weeks have been absolutely scorching hot and it has been really pleasing to see so many people setting the weather to one side and just ‘getting on with it’.  There is no doubt that hot weather makes training a less enticing experience – it just does.  But for those of you who have been pushing through the discomfort and still getting in your 3 – 4 sessions per week, congratulations are in order and I am sure you will reap the benefits.  Unfortunately though, there wont be much respite from the heat this week either – it really is going to be a matter of gritting your teeth and pushing through it for another week at least.

    This week we will be trying out a new class type on Tuesday – it will be 2-minute rounds (which isn’t new), however it will be set up as 2 x 5 station mini-circuits with the class working on 2-laps of circuit 1 followed by 2-laps of circuit 2 (or vice versa for some people in the busier classes at 6am/5pm/6pm).  It seemed to flow pretty well when I ran through it last week and I hope it proves an enjoyable format for everyone.

    One class I certainly enjoyed last week was the 3-minute round class we did on the Wednesday – working for two minutes on a bag followed by one minute of body-weight/hand-weight/medicine-ball conditioning.  The format worked really well for me (completely stuffed at the end of it) and whilst I know we have done it before it has been a while…certainly something I will be including in the plan a bit more often.

    Speaking of the plan, this week looks kind of like this:

    –         Monday will be 3-minute rounds and includes both the power ropes and the infamous November Challenge barbell circuit…it looks pretty tough and will be a great way to start the week.

    –         Tuesday has already been mentioned – 2-minute rounds.

    –         Wednesday and Thursday will both be 1-minute rounds.

    –         Friday is back to 2-minute rounds but includes a round of legs and a round on the ropes in the 6 round rotation.

    –         Body work looks great – first time in a few weeks there have been so many dumbbells in a “Body Work” class and I hope the devotees of that session are prepared for yet another tough one.

    Classes and the class experience

    OK – little bit of a rant warning.  The classes at Round 1 Fitness change every single day.  Every day.  What this means is that when you get to the gym there might be days when you spend a heap of time doing some of your least favourite exercises – or working one particular body part.  That is just kind of the way it is – so if you come in hoping for a big abs session, your wish may (or may not) be granted.

    If the daily class doesn’t include ‘enough’ of whatever it is you were hoping to work on that day, well, that is why we have a full gym and access to it is included in your membership.  Take advantage of it – use it.  You might not even need to go upstairs to get the extra’s you want…it doesn’t take much effort to do a few extra push-ups, or watch the clock whilst you do a bridge, or whatever it is you need to do.

    The classes are planned one week at a time – I try to structure things so that if you want to train every day, you can without continually being pushed on the same muscle group day after day (after day).  Of course, this is probably cold comfort to people who only train once or twice per week and somehow manage to cop a couple of classes that just don’t agree with them or their expectations.

    My theory is this – if you push yourself hard during the classes, you are going to get a great workout:  Regardless of the class structure.  Of course, if you go through the motions and allow yourself to dwell on what you AREN’T doing – the things you think you are missing out on – instead of doing the ones that ARE included to the BEST of your ability, then you wont and will go home disappointed.  So attack the class with a positive mindset and get the best out of yourself…don’t worry about what you are ‘missing’ – just do everything you are asked as intensely as possible and a great workout will be the result.

    March Challenge is on the way…

    • 3km’s on the bike, gear 16.  Very, very simple.
    • Two divisions – Boys and Girls.  Very, very simple.
    • The prize will be simple – train the trainer (or ALL the trainers) for 1×45 minute session.  So if you want to get your own back, the March challenge is for you.

    Gym Update #1

    Further to last week’s note about the change to Pump Water and PowerAde, I can announce that as of Monday (assuming the delivery arrives):

    • PowerAde will be available for $3.50
    • Pump Water will be available for $3.

    Now, I know that the water cost has gone up but I hope the larger size (750ml rather than 600ml) and the convenience of a sports style ‘pop-out’ lid compensate for the change.

    Gym Update #2

    The new skipping ropes have FINALLY arrived.  These went on a bit of an around Australia journey which has caused a bit of frustration for me (and I am guessing everyone trying to use the ropes to skip).

    The new ropes with the red handles are 274cm long and should be perfect for most people between around about 170cm-190cm tall.  If you are bigger than that, give the blue handled ropes a try – they are 3m long and should make your life a bit easier.

    Whilst talking about the ropes, a couple of quick reminders:

    –         If you are a 12-month member, you would have (should have) received a rope in your members pack.  A great way to avoid the daily search for a rope is to grab that rope out of your pack, cut it to size so that you are completely happy with it and bring it to the gym!

    –         If you do use one of the ropes in the gym, please put it away neatly.  The longer ropes go on the highest hooks, the smallest ropes on the lowest hooks.  Whilst it makes life easier for me at clean-up time, that isn’t really the point…it makes life easier for the next group in the class who need to skip – and next time you might be in the ‘next’ group.

    Gym Update #3

    Reminder to join the Round 1 Fitness Footy tipping contest.  As mentioned in the email, the prizes will be dependent on entry numbers so I can’t publish those yet, but basically the more the merrier.

    The entry link is:

    Reminder – Thursday’s and Friday’s

    Just a reminder on last week’s note about sessions on Thursday’s and Friday’s:

    • Thursday’s will feature 1-minute rounds from this week until the end-of-March.

    All sessions from 5pm Friday all sessions will cost just $5 (again, until the end of March).

    Friends of Round 1 Fitness

    As a few people have noticed, in response to our second break in I have arranged to have some security screens installed on the downstairs doors and windows.  The screens look great (unlike some of the prison bar style solutions I have seen elsewhere), reduce the sun glare and provide a fantastic security solution – even a sledge hammer wont knock the screens out of the frames.

    If you are thinking you might need a similar solution for your business – or home – then call Mark at “Homeguard Doors and Grills” on 9417 9977.  He is just across the freeway on Biscayne Way.

    Link of the week

    A really cool site to check out this week:  “Joes’s Goals”:  This site is a really easy way to add yourself a couple of targets and track whether or not you are meeting them.  My brother (who you might see at the 8pm classes) has been using it to try and remind himself to cut down on the caffeine and has found it a really simple way to track his progress.

    Now, like Daniel you can use it for your diet and fitness goals – I have just started using it to try and have a few more conversations with my kids – especially the (nearly) 13 year old who I seem to talk at more than to these days.  Whilst I have more red crosses than green ticks on the page at the moment, I am trying and the site is making it easy for me to track my progress.

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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