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    The PLAN: Where the At Home Training Programs are GOING!

    Hey Everyone,

    So.  It’s been 3-weeks now and there is seemingly no end in sight.

    From a gym perspective, this is what we are doing ‘RIGHT NOW’:

    Providing Daily ‘AT HOME’ Training Routines.

    Providing a 5x per week ‘AT HOME STRENGTH’ program.

    Attempting to reconfigure the entire boxing gym so that when we get the go ahead, we can run every single session without anyone having to share equipment.

    Now – that last point (the reconfiguration of the gym, installation of new frames, new bags etc) needs it’s own blog post (and will get it) but maybe next week!  Today is all about the ‘At Home Training’.

    First off, I think the program itself has been coming out ‘GREAT’ and personally I have been really enjoying it.  I think the balance between the all-out cardio days, more strength focussed days and ‘recovery’ type days has been terrific and I am really feeling the benefits.  My plan has been to do the ‘At Home’ workout in the morning then the ‘At Home Strength’ one in the evening and to be truthful just getting started each day is the single biggest hurdle to overcome…I have found that once I start, getting to the end has been OK…there have been a couple of “I’m doing 5x sets not 6” days I guess (particularly on that strength plan) but overall, really happy with it.

    Where is the programming going?

    Well, we will be continuing on with the current rhythm for another couple of weeks.  There is quite a bit of cardio set up early in the week next week before that backs out to recovery then strength leading into ‘Super Saturday’ (where we abandon the program and just throw stuff at you!) and that will continue to be the plan through until May.  When we get to May (can’t believe I am typing this) we will get into more of a ‘Daily Block’ type program where there is both a conditioning (cardio) and strength block each day with 1x recovery type day programmed each week.

    The Strength program has been in a bit of a volume phase since day one – that is all going to spin on its head at the end of next week and we will go into a different programming phase where the running efforts are replaced by in place conditioning…depending on whether you like to run this is good news or bad news I guess.

    In short, there is a plan for the ‘At Home Programming’ (standard and strength) moving forward and we are really focussed on trying to provide you with a way to keep moving forward despite the COVID 19 restrictions.  Is it ‘bloody hard’ doing it at home, by yourself, with kids, pets, less than perfect equipment etc?  Well, of course.  But as I mentioned on social during the week, there are 3-elements to our training at the moment:  Consistency (doing it), Mechanics (doing things right) and Intensity (really working hard)…our focus needs to be on the consistency and maintaining positive habits…if you are replacing a couple of workouts a week by getting out and walking the dog or whatever, well, don’t stress – because maintaining your good habits is the most important thing right now.

    See you in the gym,



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