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    The No-Blog, Blog.

    Hi Everyone.

    I had decided ‘no blog’ this week (due to the Easter holidays, School holidays and all of that) but somehow it has gotten to Tuesday and I have realised that there is a bit of stuff I need to get out there.  Before I get into it, I would like to thank everyone who made their way into the gym over the long-weekend…as always, our sessions were really well supported which does make me feel that dragging my sorry butt out of bed and heading in to run some classes is a worthwhile plan.

    As for the rest of it, well I will keep it all super quick so here goes:

    1.  Quick Challenge Update

    The first point of business is to say a massive ‘Well Done’ to Lisa and Claire who finished the April ‘All Class’ challenge in 12-days and 13-days respectively.  You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to realise that means that both of these ladies had to finish 2x sessions every day (more than that on a few occasions as the challenge didn’t commence until the 3rd!) and that is on top of work AND family life.

    The simple thing to say is that the girls are both ‘CRAZY’ but I suppose it depends on your definition.  I am going with ‘DRIVEN’ and ‘DETERMINED’ as my words…Lisa was ‘DETERMINED’ to finish the challenge no matter what – and was not going to let her planned holiday to Bali stand between her and finishing.  So she planned out her sessions and just got them done.  Claire was ‘DRIVEN’.  She looked at the challenge and said to herself, ‘You do 25 classes every month already – where is the challenge’…and challenged herself to finish 2x sessions every day until it was done.

    Outcomes?  Well, I have seen Lisa’s scan and she lost one kilo of FAT (not weight, FAT) and gained one kilo of muscle in 13-days.  Which is amazing verging on incredible and to be truthful I was a bit stunned by that level of muscle gain achieved whilst completing cardio focussed sessions.  I admit whilst writing this I don’t have any numbers based outcomes for Claire but I can say she – as always – looks amazing!  Hard to put into words just how impressed I am by the efforts of both Claire and Lisa – I do hope they are super proud of themselves and what they have achieved.

    What about the rest of us?  Well, we are all running our own races and facing our own challenges!  For example, I still have 12x sessions to do in order to complete the challenge (and I have signed off a few people who might even need a couple more than that).  I am a bit behind where I would like to be but am pretty happy that I can look myself in the mirror and know I have been giving it a pretty good crack – all there is to do now is just see it through!  I know that trying to get to 25 is going to be tough for me, but if I can channel the attitude shown by either of the two girls profiled here then I think I will get there ‘EASY’!

    2.  Phase 2 1%’er

    For anyone doing the phase 2 1%’er program, this weeks efforts are:

    Rower Session 1:  1km Row, 30 seconds rest, 750m row, 30 seconds rest, 500m row, 30 seconds rest, 1km row (NOT A TYPO!!!).

    Rower Session 2:  3km row.

    Rower Session 3:  8x 500m rows with 1 minute break between each.  MAX EFFORT.

    Bike Session 1:  12 Minute Ride.  M1-2: 60, M3: 65.  M4-5: 60, M6: 70.  M7-8: 60, M9:75.  M10-11:60, M12: 80.  As always, girls -5RPM.

    Bike Session 2:  3x 1 mile bike efforts on 1 minute rest.

    Bike Session 3:  8x .5mile bike efforts on 30 seconds rest.

    3.  ANZAC Day

    ANZAC Day is NEXT Tuesday.  As usual, our plan will be to meet on the SOUTHERN SIDE of the Fremantle War Memorial at 5:45am if there is anyone out there interested in attending the Dawn Service.  Certainly we will be lucky if the address we receive this year is as interesting and inspiring as the one last year.  From there, we will be running the following sessions in the gym:

    7:15am:  Boxing

    8:15am:  Boxing

    9:15am:  Body Work

    10:30am:  Close


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