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    The Light Globe Moment

    Hey Team,

    Welcome to another week.  We have an awesome week of sessions on the schedule in both the boxing and strength gyms and I am really looking forward to it.  The next two days (Monday and Tuesday) have been officially branded the ‘Tour de Round1’ as we will be running group bike challenges each day.

    What else?  Not much really.  I have been finding my emails have been getting ‘filled up’ with questions from people lately…people who want to do MORE.  Which is great.  But it has also led to me writing up this:

    ‘The blown “Lightglobe”’

    common mistake: When someone has so many great new ideas (lightbulb moments) that they end up jumping from one program to another, from one diet to another, from one ‘plan’ to another all in a search for the PERFECT plan for ‘them’.  New plans always starting NEXT Monday of course.

    Don’t act like you haven’t made this mistake yourself. I make this mistake all the time myself…to be fair, the mistake I usually make is I try to add in ‘extras’ to my ‘base level plan’ that (in my heart of hearts) I know I don’t really have the time or energy to do…

    It usually (for me, anyway) starts right after the 28-days Later Challenge is completed.  I am thinking about the ‘next thing’ (that whole no pasta, no alcohol, no sugar thing is bogus man!) and I start thinking about the next thing I am going to ‘take on’.  I have listed a few things below that people regularly (and in a couple of cases not so regularly) ask me about.

    Do you think I should try a ketogenic diet?.

    I’m thinking about intermittent fasting?  Should I do it?.

    Will doing fasted cardio every morning help me lose weight faster!

    I want to gain 5kgs of muscle? What protein shake will help me do that the quickest?

    I saw on YouTube that the potato diet helps cleanse your liver.  Should I do that?

    The guys on the 300 did lots of stuff with Kettlebells.  Do you think I should do more kettlebells.

    I am thinking about doing a power-lifting contest in May – then change my training around and do a marathon in August.  How can I do that?


    The thing is, you can’t do everything.  And not only can you not do EVERYTHING, well, you can only really do ONE THING at a time.  (Unless of course you are doing ‘one thing’ as a support activity for ‘something else’ – like playing sport and going to the gym…the gym work will help your on field performance as long as you treat it for what it is – as a supporting activity).

    Let me go back over it again.  If you are trying to do more than one thing at a time – well, you aren’t really getting any closer to achieving ANYTHING.   And if you are doing something, then the way to make progress is to FOCUS ON IT – do it well – and the results will come.  Being ‘half-in’ wont get you anywhere.

    Complicating your life and spending your time looking for solutions to problems you don’t really have will only lead to frustration.  And when the new ‘thing’ doesn’t bring the outcomes you want, well, that frustration will simply grow and grow…

    And like I have already said, I do all this stuff myself.

    More is not the answer.  BETTER is the answer.  Change is not the answer.  FOCUS is the answer.  If what you are doing isn’t ‘working’ (whatever your version of working might be!), then you don’t need to adapt the ‘potato diet’.  You just need to carefully assess what you are doing, identify the gaps in your current plan (you know, the fact that your diet is amazing from Mon-Fri lunchtime and ‘uncertain’ from Friday night to Sunday night)…

    To me, there is a 100% direct correlation between time I spend trying to do MORE and the up-keep of my ‘day-to-day’ food/training schedule.  Start messing around with different stuff?  Fall off the wagon.  Stay focussed on the basics?  Make great progress/achieve great outcomes.  You simply can’t do both things at the same time.  Or at least I can’t.

    You have to remember you are playing a long-game here – introducing new ‘stuff’ because you saw a video on YouTube is not going to be the ‘difference maker’.  That will come just from dialling in your current plans and making sure that the ‘fundamentals’ are what they need to be.

    See you in the gym,




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