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    The Class Booking System: How it will work!!!

    Hi Team,

    There is a lot of nervousness around the booking system and that is understandable.  We have never used one at Round 1 and always just ‘squeezed people in’.  In this brave new, post-COVID (and highly regulated) world, that is simply not going to work…we have a clear class limit of 20 and we are going to manage that with a booking system.

    In the next couple of days, you should (will) receive an email that looks like this:

    This is good.  And you shouldn’t ignore it.  What you *SHOULD* do, is simply click on the button that says ‘Accept Invitation’.  That will take you onto the wonder of the interwebs and a glorious new website called ‘’.

    The first thing it will ask you to do is create both a username AND a password:

    You can actually call yourself anything you like – it is your logon.  As you can see, in my example I am creating a username called ‘Round 1 Test Account’.  For you, well – if your name is (for example) Marcus Bontempelli, then you are a very (very) good football player AND you might want to think about creating a username such as ‘MBontempelli’…you are likely to remember it and if you ever have any problems, it will be easy to communicate to the person you are trying to get to help you.  The password has to be a minimum of 8-characters with the usual rules around mixed case, symbols and numbers.

    Once you have successfully created your logon, press ‘REGISTER’ and the ‘Class Calendar’ will appear:

    You will see on the calendar a series of classes – Boxing classes, Functional classes and DAP classes.  Just to be clear:
    1/. Boxing people can access Boxing Classes.

    2/. Strength people can access Functional AND Boxing classes.

    3/. DAP people can access DAP AND Boxing classes.

    At this stage, you can ONLY book for ONE class each day…let’s get through a couple of weeks and I will hopefully be in a position to revise this – but in the short-2-medium timeframe we will not be allowing people to book into adjacent classes.

    Now – when the ‘Calendar’ is open, it will be ‘ACTIVE’ and when you ‘hover’ over a session it will give you details about that session:

    This way you will know whether there are any spots available.  If there are, AND if you want to book, then simply ‘CLICK’ on the class:

    You will see it tells you the time of the session and HOW MANY spots are left.  To confirm your spot, click ‘BOOK’.  The following message will appear on the screen (top right of your window):

    Once you have done that, you will be able to click on the ‘My Schedule’ button and it will show you the training plan for the week that YOU have created:


    At this early time, I haven’t set up anything around penalties for booking and not coming to class…and to be honest, I really don’t want to do that.  I like to think that most people are well intentioned and would understand that if they are booking a spot, then someone else can’t…basically, we all need to pull together right now and just show up for the classes we book into!

    Like I said, you should (WILL) be getting an email in the next couple of days…if you haven’t heard anything by Saturday, well…that will be the time to get in touch!!

    See you in the gym,



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