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    The break is over, Equipment Moves, January Challenge Update

    Hi and welcome to another week.

    It is funny how weeks (months??) of hard work and good habits can disappear in the blink of an eye.  I know that my training dropped off a lot – in both frequency and intensity – over the Christmas period and just getting started again seemed altogether too hard…it didn’t seem as much fun as it had been and I was left wondering exactly what I was trying to prove and to whom.

    But one session – last Wednesday lunchtime – proved a bit of a flashpoint.  It was after the rain had come through (big storm was at about 9:30am) and the temperature had dropped by a few degrees…and 5-minutes into the session I just started pushing harder and faster.  The afternoon was then spent carrying weights upstairs, then I did another class at 5pm (Sean and Jason did a great job of hammering me) and I woke up Thursday ready to go again.

    Now, maybe this was related to the drop in temperature in Wednesday making me feel a bit better – but I actually prefer to think it was just persistence.  Despite a pretty ordinary mindset, I just kept training and kept going and everything turned around.  Now, I admit that I have a pretty big advantage over most people – I am in the gym 15 hours each day so it isn’t as if I have the “I don’t have time to get there” excuse, but having said that I think everyone would acknowledge that on most occasions when you “don’t have time” the overriding reason for not training is that you simply don’t feel like it.

    So the message from me for this week?  The break is over.  Get back into the gym and get into it – and if you aren’t quite feeling ‘IT’, push all of that to the back of your mind and push through.  I know that for me that now I am back in the groove, back in the habit I am looking forward to a year of terrific progress (starting with the rowing challenge!).

    New Years Resolution Special

    Still got a couple of weeks left on the New Years Special – 20 sessions for $150.  This works out to be more than 30% off the price of a casual session – a great deal particularly given the passes have an ‘unlimited’ expiry…

    Gym Update #1

    Massive week of change last week and now all of the weights are now upstairs.  Things didn’t exactly go according to plan however – apparently it is good to be able to put weights onto the leg press! – and whilst we have squeezed everything in it is all a little bit more cramped than I had hoped.  Given this, please use a bit of courtesy when you are up there so everyone can get their lifting done.

    A couple of things remain to be done – need to get some power installed so the music situation can be remedied – and this is booked in for the week of January 17th…in the meantime, turn up your iPod and luxuriate in the air-conditioning.

    Gym Update #2

    As a result of the weights being moved, the male/female bathrooms have now been switched – Guys are upstairs, Girls are downstairs.  Signage is in place but habits are hard to break – if you see someone about to make a terrible mistake don’t be scared to call out and save them from embarrassment.

    Gym Update #3

    Remember, if you are coming along to a session, bring a towel and a water bottle and take them around the class with you.  Not only does this save you wasting time traipsing up the gym to grab your water/towel mid-class, it is also more hygienic and will be appreciated by others in the class…the weather is hot, the gym gets hot, the classes are hard – you are going to sweat.  So bring a towel and make sure you use it.

    January Challenge Update

    The January Challenge is on and in full swing.  It has been great to see how many people have ‘had a go’ and registered a time – doing this early and working to improve your time throughout the month is a great way to improve your fitness levels (and lose a bit of weight as well!).

    As I am sure everyone who has done the challenge will tell you, a 2000m row is HARD.   So when you have a go, don’t worry about ‘how far you have to go’ – instead, concentrate on keeping a nice steady rhythm and the distance will steadily disappear.

    And now that I have said it isn’t a competition, I must admit that seeing the slowest time on the board written next to the name of one of the trainers (yes, Sean O’Neill, I am talking about you) gives me a great deal of pleasure!

    Kids Club Reminder

    Remember, the Kids Club remains on hiatus until January 17th.

    Opening Hours (This week!)

    Back to normal at last.  Full week of sessions for the first time in a couple of weeks…

    Link of the week

    A movie link this week – opening next weekend is a new sports movie called ‘The Fighter’ and starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale.  This is the story of Micky Ward – a boxer from Boston – who after a successful early career lost his way somewhat and retired from boxing in his mid-20’s.  He then returned to the ring seven years later and went on to win a world title in 2001.

    The preview link can be found here:

    If you like underdog stories then you are unlikely to find a better real-life story than Ward…given the Hollywood treatment this should be inspirational from start to finish.  I know I haven’t been looking forward to a flick this much for a long time!

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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