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    The 2020 Summer Slam is Coming!

    Welcome to Sunday everyone.  Thanks (as always) to everyone who got along to the gym over the last week.  I am pretty happy with the continued evolution of our sessions post-COVID, particularly as we find more (and more) ways to bring ‘traditional’ Round 1 ‘STUFF’ to the sessions…the class on Thursday where we each used multiple pieces of cardio was a bit of a ‘flash point’ as we move towards re-introducing group cardio challenges into our classes in the future.

    So – every week during footy season (well, maybe not every week but A LOT of weeks) I sit down at my trusty laptop and fire-up iMOVIE.  Into iMovie I put a whole heap of ‘positive’ images of my players doing their thing (their “BEST” thing!), add some music and, hey presto…INSTANT motivation.

    Can you imagine if you were provided with this before every session you did?  You were shown some quick hit edits of you looking your best and training your hardest, all set to your favourite track (aka the soundtrack of your life where YOU are playing the starring role)?  How HARD would you train?  How excited would you be to get into the gym?

    Is it realistic?  Well – no…though I guess you could play your favourite music as you headed to the gym to get yourself feeling ‘on the up and up’…but even that seems like a lot of effort some days!  I guess you could save the training montage out of Creed2 on your phone and sit and quietly watch it before each session…and that might help.  Would we call that inspiration or motivation?  Does it matter?  In any case, if you can find it, well – embrace it and ‘ride the wave’ whilst it lasts…but for long-term success you can’t rely on it – good habits and consistent effort is what works for the long term and – most importantly, a willingness to just ‘GET IT DONE’ on the days where eating well/training hard seem like elements of torture!

    You’ve heard all of this from me before, the whole “Habits get you through once motivation falls away…and it ALWAYS falls away!”  But there is a little bit more to this post today (well, I hope there is).  It’s about the fact that from time to time even good habits aren’t enough.  From time to time, answering the call of the alarm by jumping out of bed and going to the gym (or driving straight to the gym after work – or heading to the gym every night after getting the kids to bed!) just gets too much…it gets almost impossible.  Unless every now and then you can support your good habits by adding a real and tangible PURPOSE.

    What gives your training purpose?  A goal or challenge of some sort is (obviously) best.  People who ‘HATE’ running somehow find a way to get in a couple of runs every week once they sign up for the “City to Surf” (sadly, this great event had been scheduled for today…then there was COVID19!).  It isn’t a ‘CHALLENGE’ but people who are getting married or find themselves part of a bridal party are motivated to lose a couple of kegs with the knowledge that they are about to be in photos that will live on the walls and sideboards of friends and family for eternity.  And commonly for us at Round 1 we get motivated to ‘get to the end’ of either the “28-Days-Later Challenge” each February…or the “Summer Slam” in October!

    The “Summer Slam” challenge is coming soon.  I have been working on a new concept of sorts given this chaotic year – and have been calling it “THE RESET” in my head at least (yes, and now on the logo!) with the idea being that this challenge would be used to help all of us reset our training, reset our food, reset all of our positive daily habits post-COVID19 lock-down.  Reset our ‘lives’ in a way so that at the end we came out training better, eating better, drinking more water, sleeping better, getting outside to walk and recover – not just for a month but for the long-term.

    The challenges we run are all about providing some PURPOSE to your training – enabling you to re-focus your training and maintain your positive habits…and in so doing, lose a couple of kilos/look a little better in your board-shorts.  But I think that this challenge can somehow be more than that and be part of establishing (re-establishing) some great life habits for all of us.

    The “Summer Slam” challenge is coming soon.  I am really looking forward to getting started (personally) and HOPEFULLY to seeing it have a positive impact on everyone who is able to participate.


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