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    Surviving Christmas, New Years promotion, January Challenge

    Hi and welcome to another week.

    Some ‘interesting’ sessions last week – with the 5-minute rounds we did on Thursday being one of the hardest sessions we have ever run.  This was followed up with the 1-minute changes on Friday – a ‘follow-the-numbers’ type experiment that was great fun…well, apart from those 8 consecutive rounds of leg work.

    We will be mixing things up again this week but there is a little less experimentation on the plan as it stands right now…that said, Friday is still a few days away.

    I didn’t really want to say too much in the update this week – it is Christmas time (remember, the gym is OPEN until 6pm on Christmas eve) and it does seem a little ridiculous asking anyone to focus on their training rather than their families at this time of year.  That said, there are a few simple things you can do over the next couple of weeks to make sure that a few months effort is not lost in a few short days.

    1.     Try and do something to stay active.  A 30-minute walk down to the park with the kids counts…of course it counts.  Trying to keep active will keep your metabolism going.  No need to go crazy (you can if you like!) but just keep yourself moving.

    2.     Go for your life on Christmas day, but try and manage your diet the rest of the time – lots of fresh fruit and veg and stay away from the processed stuff.  Try and stay completely away from fast-food – left-over turkey and ham with some salad are good ‘quick and easy meals’.  And if you can do this, you will save some money as a side benefit.

    3.     Watch the alcohol intake.  And watch out for the chips, dips and other stuff that is served whilst you are drinking.

    4.     Don’t fall for the low-carb beer trap.  Pure-Blonde is the lowest ‘low-carb’ beer on the market, and two of them still have more kilojoules than a cheese-burger from Maccas.

    Relax and enjoy yourself over Christmas – if you have been training hard, you certainly deserve it.  But if you can follow a few simple steps you will make progress towards your goals just a little bit easier…and the sessions wont hurt quite so much when you are back in the gym after the break.

    Gym Update #1

    We will be running a “New Year’s Resolution” initiative along similar lines of the ’10-sessions for $50’ promotion earlier this year.  From January 1st, if you purchase a 10-session card for $100 you will be entitled to buy a ‘2nd’ voucher at half-price.  Or, 20-classes for $150…

    None of the restrictions of the last promotion (each card for the exclusive use of one person, each card must be used within 30-days etc) will apply this time however – which means you AND a friend could share the two-cards and save some money.

    So…look out for the flyers from January 2nd!

    Gym Update #2

    Now that school is over, the “Kid’s Club” program will be going on hiatus for a few weeks.  At this stage, the targeted resumption date is January 17th – the week before school resumes.

    Just on the “Kid’s Club”, I am intending to revise the program somewhat in 2011 – primarily to give me some certainty over staffing and numbers.  More details to follow early in the new year but to provide a snapshot of what I am thinking:

    • Members kids train at no charge.
    • Non-members kids pay a fee for a ‘term’ or ‘block’ of sessions.

    Anyway, let me know what you think about this plan as I try and figure out how to manage it during 2011.

    Gym Update #4

    The new ‘Round 1 Fitness’ sleeveless tee’s and baseball caps will be in the gym on Monday.  The shirts look terrific and will be $25, the baseball caps will be $15.  Have a look at the gear next time you are in.

    Gym Update #4

    A reminder that the January Challenge is coming  – this time involving the rowing machine.  You may have noticed that I made sure the rower was used in quite a few classes this week….all the better to prepare you for what is in store.

    The challenge is pretty simple really – Set the resistance to ‘10’ (and the computer to ’10’ as well!) and row for 2000m – fastest time wins.  This time there will be an extra age category added (over 45’s) to try and provide a chance for a few more people to win a prize…Prizes this time will be one of the new sleeveless ‘Round 1 Fitness’ t-shirts.

    As with the last challenge though, it is supposed to be about individual improvement and not about winning.  Try and get a time recorded sometime in the first few days of 2011, then have a few more attempts during the month to see how much you can improve your time.  A 2000m row will take every ounce of effort in your body and if you work diligently to improve your time you will be gaining ground (fast) on your fitness and weight loss goals.

    Gym Update #5

    A final, final reminder – everything in the lost property box will be going to the Salvation Army immediately after Christmas – one week from now!  Please (PLEASE!) check through it to see if any of the belongings are yours – there are some fairly new (and quite expensive) shirts and jumpers in there but I can’t hold on to them forever.

    Christmas Presents?

    Another reminder that there is a ‘Round 1 Fitness’ Christmas Packs available at the moment – a 10-Round Pass, Supa-Tuff Gloves, Hand-wraps and ‘Round 1 Fitness’ t-shirt available for just $130 – which is more than $50 – actually, more than $70 – off the normal price.

    I am nearly out of the white ‘Round 1 Fitness’ t-shirts that go with the pack – and am out of all small and medium sizes.  If you are still keen for a Christmas Pack, you can either add in one of the ‘new’ Red singlets for an extra $10 ($140 / pack) or just go without the shirt for $120.

    Christmas Opening Hours (This week!)

    No changes to the plan announced in last week’s blog.

    • Christmas Eve:  Classes as normal until 6pm.  (5pm class will be the last class to run).
    • Christmas Day/Boxing Day:  Closed.
    • Christmas Day Holiday (December 27th):  Closed.
    • Boxing Day Holiday (December 28th):  Open Public Holiday Hours (9am – 1pm).
    • New Years Eve:  Classes as normal until 6pm.  (5pm class will be the last class to run).
    • New Years Day:  Closed.

    There are a few signs up around the gym detailing these hours now – if you have any comments or feedback I would be happy to listen.

    Christmas Raffle Winners

    A further congratulations to David Peisley and Steve Pattenden who walked off with the Christmas Raffle prizes…another raffle is planned for Easter and will operate on a similar format.

    Friends of ‘Round 1 Fitness’

    Just a reminder that if you need any pool supplies – or if you are in the market for a new pool – that Brett from Simply Pools and Pumps (right next door to the gym) will be more than happy to help you out.

    With so many years in the industry there is not much Brett hasn’t seen or heard  – so if you are planning a poolside bbq over the Christmas break drop in to Brett’s shop and make sure everthing is operating ‘just right’ before your guests jump in the water.

    Link of the week

    My link of the week is all about Christmas!  If you have kids, you simply have to go to the ‘Portable North Pole’ –  This fantastic site allows you to personalise a video message from Santa to your kids – complete with photos of your child.  When the kids view the video message and see that the picture in “Santa’s book” is of them the look of wonder on their faces is amazing….it takes about 10-minutes or so to set up each personalised message and you will need access to some digital photos during the process.

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    Merry Christmas and see you in the gym!



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