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    Sunday Blog – Nutrition Seminar is GO tomorrow!

    Hey Team,

    Just want to remind everyone that we have the ‘Healthy Eating’ seminar running in the gym TOMORROW NIGHT from 6:30pm.  Megan Hardy from ‘Hardy Nutrition’ (you can find Megan up at the Cockburn Health Campus) will help you learn how to build a meal plan to lose weight and stay healthy.  It is a hands on workshop where you will leave with a personalised meal plan to help you reach your weight loss goals…it is not a ‘lecture’ where Megan just stands out the front and talks ‘at’ you for an hour…

    The cost to attend is just $5 (please bring cash team) – you will want to have a pen and paper with you AND a chair.  We have heaps of room upstairs in the ‘NEW’ gym…what we don’t have is furniture…so bring a chair to sit on.

    The next thing I need to talk about is a bit unpleasant…and it is gym prices.  Those of you with ‘Eagle Eyes’ would have seen on the website that the listed prices for the Boxing gym have gone up by $2 per week – and for the Strength gym by $3 per week.  At this stage, those prices are only impacting NEW clients, however from July 1st the changes will be applied across the board.  This is our first price rise since June 2016 (hence when you check in, you will see your membership listed as “June 2016 – ‘membership type’”) and hopefully our last for another 3-years – as I am sure everyone can appreciate, whilst it would be amazing to simply ‘hold’ costs forever, when everything around us is swirling upwards it certainly does make it difficult.  Prices for up-front memberships and personal training sessions will not be changing at this time.

    Lastly (in the house-keeping category), a big thanks to everyone who has been liking and sharing (and especially SHARING) our posts on Instagram and Facebook…it really is an enormous help.

    What else is going on?  Well, in the ‘rotating programming’ thing Alex has put together, this week it is ELIE’s turn.  So ‘look out cardio’ is all I can really say.  Can’t wait – I know for me I am actually looking forward more to doing the classes the other guys put together more than I appreciate the ‘break’ I get from not having to write them…does that even make sense?  Anyway, can’t wait for Elie’s classes this week and excited to see what Alex, Josh, Kiz and Tracey have in store for us over the next couple of months…

    I wanted to have a little bit of fun with the blog this week…when you read through this please understand it is meant to be fun – none of it is intended to be an ‘attack’ on any one person (basically, if it has made the list then it is done by a LOT of people).

    Category 1:  Things that drive other MEMBERS crazy!

    So this is not a LONG list of things…but it is a list of the things people complain to me about ALL the time…

    Towel in hand…sweat on BIKE.

    So the towel rule has been awesome.  But you have to actually USE the towel when you are done.  Wipe the bike down – give it a quick clean-up – before moving on.  Oh – and btw – I have seen a couple of people just not bring a towel and do 10x burpees instead of the bike/SPARC.  Yeah….NAH.  Bring a towel or buy a towel (they are $5 which is effectively cost when you consider GST) but you MUST have a towel.

    Standing RIGHT IN FRONT of the white board in order to read it.

    Of course you need to read the white board – everyone gets that.  But when you take up ‘pole position’ right in front of the white board and stand there for what ‘feels like’ forever…well.  The best plan is to read the boards BEFORE the class and ask the trainer any questions that you might have.  Otherwise, just stand off to the side a little so you can read the board with out impacting on others.

    Bike/Bag ‘Swapping’.

    This one only really applies to sessions when you need to swap between a bag/cardio equipment and ‘something else’ (like a barbell, kettlebell etc).  Some people will switch back to their original bag/bike…others will think nothing of it to just use the closest bit of equipment (even if someone else had been using it).  This is a bit of a personal one because I have to say some people couldn’t care less…but others… J


    If ever anyone ‘complains’ to me about ‘someone’, it is pretty much always about ‘SMELL’.  What can I say – use deodorant, change your shirt at half-way if you are planning on being in the gym for a couple of hours…be considerate of others.

    Category 2:    Things that drive the trainers crazy.

    Now – I wasn’t going to do this but figured I may as way keep rolling – I am sure there are things the trainers continue to do that drive you guys crazy as well btw…but if you were to ask the trainers what things get on their nerves…

    Talking during the demos. 

    This is tricky because we know that SOME people want more demos, and SOME people want less demos, and SOME people want no demos at all.  We try to balance all of this out and just demo things that are either NEW or we know get regularly ‘messed up’/’mixed up’…anyway, some days demos will be longer, others they will be shorter, please just listen and pay attention for a couple of minutes.  It isn’t a great time when you are trying to talk to a group of people and there is laughing and joking happening at the back of the group.

    Sand and Grass EVERYWHERE.

    You get to work outside?  Awesome.  Most people wish that they could.  But if your boots/clothes/self are covered in sand, mud and grass, well, LEAVE THEM OUTSIDE.  Yes, we have to vacuum and mop and clean anyway…but making those already sucky jobs harder is not cool.


    Yep – you need chalk to help with your barbell ‘stuff’.  So…keep it in a container.  And keep it out of the way of yourself, your barbell and general ‘traffic’ areas so it STAYS IN the container.

    Random station finishers.

    Half-done, all-done…either way, moving on.  I find this a bit frustrating as for the most part, there are scaled options that will enable pretty much everyone to find a ‘path’ that they can finish.  If you don’t quite get to the end, hang out and finish – the sense of accomplishment you have at the end will be MUCH increased!

    Random exercise ‘switch-outs’.

    We change things everyday.  So changing from squats to deadlifts today ‘just because’ is going to be pointless ‘cos it is probably going to be deadlifts tomorrow.  Injuries?  Yeah – sure.  Let’s talk about that OUTSIDE OF CLASS TIMES (send an email, let us chat to your physio – always keen to put together a plan) and get it sorted out.

    People not doing their Warmups.

    Do them.  You know that WE are obligated to make sure you are ‘prepared’ for the training session by providing a warm-up?  Once upon a time, we swung this around so that the warm-ups started at the beginning of a class…people didn’t like this – they just wanted to ‘get going’.  So we put a process in place whereby a warm-up was prescribed and before anyone participates in the session they MUST have completed it.  This fulfils our obligations through Fitness Australia.  If you don’t do them, you are putting yourself at risk of injury AND putting us at risk of losing our accreditation (though I admit that is unlikely).  By the way, I get that sometimes you are running late and it is unavoidable.  Here’s what you do.  Come in,  Wrap your hands.  Let the trainer know you’re here with a quick “Sorry I’m late – I’ll just finish my warmup then come and see you”…and how EASY!!!

    Random weights left out or put in the wrong spot.

    I am going to put this in the category of ‘accidents’ for the most part.  When bars go on the wrong racks, well, I think it is an honest mistake.  But when stuff is left OUT (yes, people using the Hammer Strength gear, I am talking to you) or put in the wrong spot (mostly kettlebells here), well, it is a pain.  It impacts on the next group who end up spending time cleaning it up and they are supposed to be working out – not packing away.  Put your gear away where you got it – with the balls, put them down so the next person can see the size/weight – and just ‘do the right thing’.

    I think that is pretty much about it.  But I would 100% love to hear about all of the ‘little things’ that drive you guys crazy in the gym every day…

    See you in the gym,




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