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    Summer Slam, 2021

    Motivation.  Fitness.  Nutrition.  Recovery.


    ·  Step 1: Decide on the type person that you want to BE.

    ·  Step 2:  Adapt the ‘RIGHT’ behaviours and make them your OWN. (DO).

    ·  Step 3:  Only then can you HAVE the things they have.

    Register through the portal:  Summer Slam Registration Portal

    A lot of people get these steps in the wrong order. We become so fixated on the reward—the “HAVE”—that the necessary pieces of BE and DO just get MISSED.  “Hard Work” ALWAYS comes before the REWARD!

    So think of the person that YOU want to BE? What habits do you need to adopt to BE that person?  That’s what Summer Slam 2021 is about.  Putting in place a series of BEHAVIOURS that will help you achieve your health, fitness and body composition goals.

    Awesome!! So when does it START?

    Summer Slam will kick off on October 11th and runs for 4-weeks.  PLUS there is an extra ‘2-weeks’ built in (including extra weekly challenge workouts) for those people who want to keep it all rolling AND be held accountable for so-doing.  There is no additional cost for continuing the challenge for 6-weeks AND we are including an extra free Body Scan (usually $25 each) for everyone who participates so they can scan at the start, after 4-weeks and AGAIN at the 6-week mark.

    And how does it all work (exactly!!)?

    Summer Slam is YOUR challenge and you will be trying to achieve the goals that YOU have defined.  We are here to help you define your goals and have scheduled work-shops at the gym on Wednesday October 6th and again on Monday October 11th to help anyone who needs a bit of assistance.  Of course, your challenge pack includes a series of training/food guidelines that will help get you fighting fit. Each week you will be required to complete:

    3x Group training sessions (Boxing, Body Work, Functional Fitness or Developing Athlete) at Round 1 Fitness in Cockburn Central.

    – 1x Additional Fitness ‘CHALLENGES’ each week.  There is a new challenge to complete each week and these have been designed so you can finish them in around 20-minutes.

    Not only that, there are a series of eating ‘rules’ (no bread, no pasta, no added sweeteners and no alcohol) to help keep you on track – but don’t stress too much…you do get allocated a few (3) ‘days off’ from the eating rules during the challenge so you can still be part of any ‘special occasions’ that might fall during the challenge period.

    As part of this SUMMER SLAM, we are also asking everyone to commit to a ‘Morning Routine’ – maybe as simple as drinking some water and having a 5min stretch (or maybe something more elaborate!) they can execute each morning to start each day ‘right’!

    With your training, the classes (3x per week) will need to be ‘signed off’ by one of the trainers as you complete it.  Each of the ‘EXTRAS’ can be completed in your own time and under your ‘own’ supervision (in other words, it is your challenge and they are your results!!).  Please note that this isn’t intended to have you in the gym every day – it is really asking you to extend your workout time once each week from 40-minutes to 60-minutes…hopefully no-one will find this too impossible (and remember, it’s SUPPOSED TO BE A CHALLENGE!!).

    And how will I know it is WORKING???

    Well – first off, because you are feeling better?  On top of that, we will (of course) be measuring everyone’s progress using our InBody 570 Body Analyser.  The initial weigh-ins will be conducted on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9th – we will get all participants fully ‘scanned’ so that we can accurately measure progress in terms of FAT, MUSCLE and overall weight changes.  ‘Four-week’ measurements will be done on the weekend of Saturday November 6th with final weigh-ins on Saturday November 20th.

    OK – I’m interested.  How much does it cost?

    The cost is $65 for all Round 1 Members (there is a family option available for $110 for those people on Family Memberships).  The challenge is available for people who are not members of the gym at a price of $199 – this includes a 6-week all access gym membership.

    * – Scans performed outside of the defined windows on will incur a surcharge of $5 per scan.

    Register through the portal:  Summer Slam Registration Portal

    And, what’s Included in that Price?

    All Summer Slam participants receive:

     – A 6-week challenge booklet (including training guide, recipes etc).

    – Access to the goal-setting workshops on October 6th and October 11th.

    – 3x Body Scans on the Round 1 Fitness InBody 570 – one to kick it off, another after 4-weeks and another after 6-weeks.

    – Class Sign-off Sheet and extras guide

    – Access to the dedicated Summer Slam Facebook Group.

    Please note:  Summer Slam booklets will be made available from Wednesday, October 6th.

    Register through the portal:  Summer Slam Registration Portal


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