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    Quick Hit Outcomes – Summer Slam 2020

    Hey Everyone,

    I am slogging through (a lot) of body scan data post- Summer Slam and still have (a LOOONG WAY) to go.

    But, in the meantime, here are some quick hit highlights of what some people have been able to achieve in one month:
    Week 1+2:  No bread, pasta, sweeteners.  Water Challenge (2.5lt boys, 2lt girls) per day.
    Week 3:  1x Cup of veggies with each meal (3x per day).  Water challenge ongoing.
    Week 4:  Add to the veggies and water 1x ‘palm sized’ serve of protein per meal (3x per day).
    Week 5:  Keep it all going and add 10mins x ‘RECOVERY’ each day.

    One ‘cheat’ day per week.

    3x classes + 2x ‘challenges’ completed per week!

    Have at it! 

    Of course, gaining muscle is SUPER hard – particularly during a challenge that starts off with two weeks of food restrictions!  Refer to the blog post from last weekend (or chat to one of the trainers) if you are battling with this…

    InBody score is a ‘unique’ score of your physique taking ‘all elements’ (muscle mass, fat, balance etc) into account.

    This one is simple – FAT lost…what so many of us are trying to do!

    And the most reported on/least important measure…but we all know that what the scales say can impact on our attitude towards ‘life’.  As usual, these ones are just numbers and understanding Body Fat % is so much more important, but it is a quick and simple measure used by so many people!

    I hope to have some more information to share with you all very soon!



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