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    Setting goals

    Hi – And welcome to another week.

    As the weather warmed up over the last week or so, I hope everyone did get some benefit from the newly installed fans!  They certainly have cooled the place down a bit, and it is amazing how much more popular those bags adjacent to the wall have suddenly become.

    Along with the fans, please remember we also had some power points installed in both the male and female changerooms.  Hopefully this makes things a little easier for people trying to get ready for work (or to go out!) directly from the gym.

    Summer Ahead

    As we get a week closer to summer – and Christmas – it is worth thinking NOW about your goals and your training plan.  Specifically, it is worth thinking about what makes you go to the gym, and what things stop you from going…and putting some strategies in place so that external events don’t stop you from training and therefore from missing your goals.

    For example, as the weather warms up more and more people will be staying after work on a Friday evening for a beer.  There are also going to be more ‘events’ to attend, more friends to catch up with – our social lives just get busier in the warmer months.  None of this is a bad thing – it is good to unwind after the working week and it sure is nice to catch up and relax with your friends – but if you usually train on a Friday but now find yourself having a beer instead, all of a sudden that is one session missed.  And then if you have kids sport, or gardening, or anything planned over the weekend it might not be all that easy to make it up.  So what can you do?

    Firstly, document your training plan and put it somewhere where you can see it.  It might be as simple as ‘Attend 3 boxing classes each week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and walk for 30minutes each day’.  It might be a lot more involved than that (or it could be a lot simpler) but I am sure you get the idea.

    Secondly, write down each of the things that can prevent you meeting the plan AND a mitigant for each one.  And importantly, be honest with yourself about the things that can get in the way!  Going back to the original example – wanting to have a beer on a Friday – there are a few pretty simple alternatives:

    1. Train on Friday mornings at either 6am or 7am.
    2. Train on Thursday night instead.
    3. Train on Saturday or Sunday morning instead.

    Again, depending on your lifestyle and other commitments, you might have to rule out a couple of these alternatives straight away.  You might be someone who can’t get out of bed in the mornings…so don’t plan to come to a 6am session.  You might have to do the weekly shopping on Thursday night – so don’t plan to come to a Thursday night class.  One thing  is certain though – if your goals are important to you, and you are committed to your plan – there will be a solution.  And as long as you have put a strategy in place – as long as you have written it down and made an agreement with yourself to stick to it – then you will make it happen.

    Monthly Challenges

    One thing to look forward to commencing in November will be the monthly ‘challenges’ we will have in the gym.  Each month, we will have a members challenge (prizes tba but more than likely a gift voucher to be used in the gym!) with a different task each month.  For anyone who wants to get in a bit of early practice ahead of the November challenge, it will revolve around what I call ‘Barbell Circuit One’:

    • – 20 x Clean-and-Press
    • – 20 x Push-ups (hands on the bar)
    • – 20 x Upright Rows
    • – 20 x Bicep Curls
    • – 20 x Bent-over Rows
    • – 20 x Squats

    The challenge will be the time taken to complete the circuit THREE (3) times.  Guys will use a 15kg barbell, girls the 10kg.  I would think a time of around-a-bout 8 minutes would be pretty competitve. All of the challenges will be based on the honor system and results will be tracked on a whiteboard that will be mounted on the wall over behind the cross-trainers.  I suspect I will have four (4) prizes per


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