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    So here are the results of the latest survey.  What you will find below are the responses to each of the ‘4’-questions posed:
    Multi Choice ‘Do you want Rolling Thunder?’
    Open Question ‘What do you LIKE/HATE about Rolling Thunder?’
    Open Question ‘What do you want us to do MORE of in the gym?’
    Open Question ‘Any other suggestions?’

    I have cut/pasted each of the responses into the blog below and tried to respond to each one…please bare with me because there are a LOT.  Further, if one of the responses is from you and I have asked you to reach out…please reach out.  It is generally because I really don’t know what exactly you mean…which makes it hard to respond…anyway, here goes:

    First off, the outcome of the survey is pretty compelling – with +75% of people wanting us to retain Rolling Thunder and effectively 90% of people either ‘PRO’ Rolling Thunder or ambivalent…and less than 10% wanting a return to the traditional class style.

    Question 2:  In general terms, what do you LIKE/HATE about the ‘Rolling Thunder’ style of class?

    Survey Response R1 Says…
    I like that I can fit it in a busy morning Awesome
    Love it that I can’be late. Well, I suppose that is true.
    Arrive anytime Yep – 7am until 10am
    It seems longer?! I’m not sure if this is meant as a positive or a negative but it IS longer.  It goes for 3 hours!
    Flexibility around starting and finishing time on an always busy Saturday. Perfect.
    Flexibility is great Awesome
    No set start times That’s right.
    Rolling thunder for everyday so I’m never late lol. Ummmmm….
    That I can roll in whenever I want Yep – 7am until 10am
    Due to not having a particular ‘schedule’ to stick to like during the week. Like being able to sleep in and have the ability to roll down to the gym whenever and pick my class time. Usually either a 30min or the standard 45.
    That’s great.
    Not as motivated OK.  Now I kind of agree.  Personally I like having a set start and end point so I ‘know what I am in for’ and can ‘work to it’.  It seems like you and I are (WELL) in the minority though.
    Feel like there is less “push” with tolling thunder if that makes sense. I feel the same way.  It is interesting that some of the negative feedback is about the trainers seeming disconnected and as trainers we feel disconnected…and it feels like whenever we try to ‘push’ during Rolling Thunder the response is always “THIS IS MY LAST STATION”…
    HATE – Because motivation drops You and me together…unfortunately we are on an island.
    I feel that we are left alone a little too much. The workouts tend to be easier and the trainers dont engage as much as they normally do You shouldn’t be left alone at all…and the work-outs are generally SIMPLER because there are no exercise demos.
    Flexibility – feeling good extend your session for another 15 mins …or 15 minutes less.
    I like that it starts earlier, and we can train for longer if we want (or shorter if there’s too much cardio 😉 ) Exactly, longer or shorter.
    Flexibility Perfect.
    I love the set up, I look forward to it every Thursday! Thursday AND Saturday now.
    Love it That’s great.
    Like I can start and finish when I want That’s the whole idea.
    Gives more flexibility with starting times Complete flexibility in fact.
    U can jump in whenever very flexible and if u wanna to push a bit more u can do a few extra stations 👌🏾 Yep – 100%
    Get started early get home early Well, there is barbell club at 6am if an early class is what you want…we did try boxing at 6am Saturday – unfortunately people’s feet did all the voting!
    I like rolling thunder when one lap is about 45mins (6mins or no mins works best i reckon), when its 2min round and goes quick or way too long I lose interest. LOL.  Well, the sessions will continue to be changed up and changed around and changed in and changed out.  The best way to approach it is not think about how long the rounds are – just get set and work hard to the bell…worrying about things outside of your control is not the pathway to an enjoyable session.  And by the way, telling yourself that “I DON’T LIKE 2-laps” or whatever other negative phrase you use is 100% only contributing to the situation…just remind yourself that you are here to TRAIN, and that good outcomes come from your EFFORT, not from the duration of the rounds…
    Turn up when you can, and leave later if you wish Yep.
    Love being able to just rock up and jump into getting it done. It brings a bit more flexibility to the weekend, without having to wait an hour for the next class to start. Well, hopefully you weren’t actually waiting around for an hour.  There is an entire gym filled with toys for you to play with.
    Can start and leave when it suits. Yes you can!
    I like the no set start time in the case I am running late. I dislike that there is no stretching time at the end Well, there is actually unlimited stretching time at the end.  I don’t mean to have a go – but if you want to stretch, STRETCH.  There is a whole cabinet filled with tools to help you do exactly that…
    Having the freedom to jump in and out of a Class That’s the idea of the session.
    Like the flexibility on a Saturday. No need to rush to get to class or can be there early if it’s a busy day ahead Great.
    I can choose to stay for as long as I like Or leave as soon as you need too.
    Find myself leaving after 30 minutes (sometimes) in rolling thunder because I have that luxury. Prefer being motivated to stay for the duration of a normal class. Yep – that can be a problem.  Setting targets for yourself to make sure you get in a full workout is important…that’s the thing with this style of class though – each person becomes accountable for their workout and the outcomes they achieve…in a ‘normal’ class, the trainer is a LOT more involved in terms of getting people around the gym, getting them to hit their targets…it is so hard to do this in RT as the response always seems to be “This is my last station” whenever we try to push people a bit harder.
    Come when you want and leave when you want. Easier to come to a class if you a few minutes late with unpredictable kids. That’s great.
    More flexible time wise It is 100% flexible.
    Like as I don’t have to commit to a time Awesome
    Like it for Saturdays .. RT is more flexible for arrival times which seems to spread out class congestion during busy periods .. wouldn’t want it all week as you miss out on specific instruction for some of the exercises No – it wont be all week.  We introduced it Thursday as Thursday PM had become an attendance ‘disaster’ with people telling me family commitments and kids sport were preventing them getting along…it wont go beyond that.
    Flexible start finish That’s the whole idea.
    Makes it easier to get it done If it enables more people to attend, that’s what we want.
    It’s handy not being restricted by times, you can get in and out when the time suits. Awesome
    Get to the gym when you can, and get started straight after your warm up. Stay around for a little longer if you have the time. Not the same “feel” though on a Saturday morning… not the same banter that came with a normal class. Agree.  You certainly don’t get that ‘all in it together’ feeling…you get the ‘All in it for a short-time’ feeling!
    I like being able to start the class when it suits me, if I am running late I don’t have to stress Awesome
    I love that I can come at anytime and finish when I need to. I also like that I can go for longer than 45mins to really die to begin my weekend. That’s right – the flexibility it provides is the reason we started it.
    Can make it a longer class if you get there early enough. 5%er right?! Or a 10%’er.  I know some people insist on doing a full hour which would be a 33%’er.  It really does provide real flexibility.
    Rather rolling thunder on a Saturday AM than Thursday PM. Rolling Thunder more convenient esp on the weekends to work around other personal commitments that may occur over he weekend. I think you are underestimating the personal commitments people have on a Thursday.  Since RT came in on Thursday, attendance is up nearly 25%.  It is still ‘shopping night’ for a lot of families, kids have sports team training etc…RT Thursday has really helped people get to the gym on Thursday night.
    You can set your class, either have a shorter or longer session.  Also gives me flexibility for arrival times to still get a full class in Yep – RT is about the flexibility.
    It lets me decide what time I can fit a sneaky sesh in… and for how long. That’s the whole idea.
    I like that it’s more flexible as to when I can attend and that I can go more at my own pace (I.e repeat a station if I didn’t make my targets)

    I don’t like that there is less of a ‘team’ feel to the class, especially when I come on my own.

    The stuff you say about “Don’t Like?” – That sums up my whole feeling about the RT concept…I have to really battle to stay connected to the class and stay involved and have to set STRICT time guidelines in order to get in a ‘full’ session.
    I really like being able to have flexibility with start time and ability to do more than one round if you want more That’s great.
    I like it because you can rock up and start straight away happy days. Awesome
    The fact I can arrive at anytime, work restricts me from coming in. Yep – flexibility from work and family commitments is the idea.
    Like – flexibility of being 5-10 mins late or early. Great.
    I like that there is no fixed start time to the class. Yep – 100%.  I keep reading this sort of comment and I hope everyone understands the reason why we can’t do exercise demos and try to make the RT classes ‘SIMPLE’ in terms of exercise selection…people really are “ROLLING IN” all day.
    I love the flexibility of start/finish times on a Saturday. That’s the idea of the session.
    More chilled, flexible, less demo time at the start, maximise time doing exercises. I love this because it really shows that it is horses for courses…some people don’t like the demos, others want more depth and detail…from my perspective, it genuinely feels like I cannot win.
    That you can come and go to what time suits you. Handy for little kids running round at home and you don’t have to stick to a certain time to get out the house as that’s always a challenge. Family friendly is a GOOD THING.
    I like the way Michael has no idea where I went am on the circuit so I can easily slip in extras with him growling that I’m going to hard.
    Yep – I would have absolutely no idea…
    That you are not restrained to a particular time. Makes it more inviting to attend the gym and not skip it. That’s good.
    Turn up when it suits me Awesome
    Can rock up at any time and jump in.. more flexibility That’s awesome as well.
    I like the flexibility. With kids sports etc, means you can still fit in a session …and that’s awesome as well.
    It gives me the option to start later and finish later. That’s the idea of the session.
    If I’m running late I don’t have to wait for the later session. Also 7am start means hubby can go to work at 8am Ummm…there’s this thing called Barbell Club that runs at 6am if time is the issue.
    Don’t need to rock up and exact time, it’s weekend no stress wanted That’s the idea of Rolling Thunder.
    I like that i am no stuck to a particular time. I can arrive early but not too early and still get my workout done early Nice.
    I like that I can do a full class, a class and a half (Professor Julius Sumner Miller), or really as much as I want I like chocolate so I appreciate the reference.
    I hate not having a start and finish time.  I like routine Me too.  We are in the minority it seems.
    I enjoy the time flexibility and structure of class. Good – flexible is good.
    Provides greater flexibility especially given kids sport on Saturday mornings Yep.
    Flexibility in start and finish times Great – making it easy for people on the weekends is the idea.
    Love the flexibility, allows me to join in straight after barbell club. Great – double pump!
    Love Awesome
    No pressure of a scheduled class, come and go as you like If it makes it easy for you, it makes me happy.
    Creates a lacking in community with each class.

    No start time and there is no “ we are in this together”

    No banter with coaches while demos are on and no fun warmups together.

    Takes away from the coaching because they have to find groups for people every few minutes.

    No sense of collective “accomplishment” when the class is finished because everyone finishes at different times.

    Creates an easy choice for people to slack off and leave early ( before that next Bike station comes around again)

    Classes need to be very basic and boring for people to rollin and out and understand the concept of it.

    It’s great for mid week because people might need to run off to work or in the afternoon be late coming from work..  weekends are for fun and community- without the group being a group from the beginning it kind of gets lost in the chaos.

    Look – I 100% agree with everything you are saying.  I’m not sure what to do about it though because (as you can see) the vast majority of feedback is ‘sunshine and roses’.  The only thing I can suggest is that you TELL the trainer you really want that ‘boxing class’ feeling and you want to be pushed throughout…make sure they know where you are starting and WHEN YOU PLAN to finish…it is that accountability that you will need…
    I like the fact if you can join in any time Great.
    Flexibility Rolling Thunder is all about the flexibility.
    No set time, so can fit other activities around it.
    can do as little or as much as you want.
    LIKE LIKE LIKE 😁 So Awesome.
    Like jumping in without having to conform to a start time.
    I’ve noticed the trainers get tied up with trying to ‘insert’ people into the class.
    Yeah – fitting people into the class is a freaking nightmare…particularly when the ‘the THREE of us all want to train together’ stuff happens and the gym is packed…from a trainers perspective, it is much easier/more engaging/fun to run a ‘normal’ class than RT but the gym doesn’t exist for the trainers.
    I like that you can start when you get there, if i miss 4 o’clock start i don’t have to wait around till 5 Well, this survey was about Saturday morning but it applies equally to Thursday night.
    It’s perfect Well, that’s a big call based on the opinions of a few others…but it is good that you like it!
    Convenient but no community feel like when you all start and finish together Agree – you don’t get the “We’re all it in together’ feel.
    Increased flexibility around class time works well -particularly on the weekend with kids sport Glad it is working for you.
    Ability to start finish when you want Awesome
    Like the flexibility of when I can arrive
    Can be very busy and a little difficult to get instruction on exercises I don’t know
    Yep.  As I already suggested, walk the CLASS before saying “I’m ready” and get any questions you might have answered…clearly when everyone is starting at different times, there are not going to be full-class exercise demos.
    Go whenever Whenever, wherever, however.
    Start and leave whenever you like That’s the idea of Rolling Thunder.
    Love how you can start and finish when you want Awesome
    I don’t find it as motivating as the other set classes, but it’s good for a Saturday if you can’t make the other times that used to be specified I agree re- the motivation and most people who responded agree re- the flexibility!
    The freedom to turn up whenever suits and workout for as long as I need. Breaks up the routine of the weekly classes too Perfect.
    Flexibility Flexibility is what it is about.
    Like the simplicity..
    Dislike the non engagement of staff
    It’s 100% very tricky to run…as I have said a couple of times, I always feel that whenever I try to give someone a push in RT, their whole mindset is “I’m leaving now…so there is no point in you pushing me”.  It is 100% a different vibe (and I have been talking about this since we first tried it).  What you gain in flexibility has to be lost ‘somewhere’…
    To jump in/out at any time and do an extra lap if I’ve got the energy! …extra gains.
    The fact that I can come whatever time I like That’s the idea of the session.
    I love the flexibility to join the class when you are ready and it is great to have the opportunity to train longer if you like in your session! Makes it easy to commit to Saturday session due to time flexibility! If it helps you get a session done on a Saturday, then that is a GOOD thing.
    – Would have needed a bit of explanation on how to do the exercises for a couple of stations beforehand – asking for this during the class is simply not practical
    – I don’t feel that the classes were less full because of flexible start times, as people tend to come at the time they were used to back when normal classes were run
    OK.  Well there is an extra 45minutes of ‘time’ during the morning as I have already explained – the lost time between 7-7:15am, 8-8:15am and 9-9:15am is now available for training…the 7:15am CRUSH has definitely been reduced – but the time of chaos is 100% between 7:30 and 7:45am…smart people are avoiding that and starting at 7:40am (as team 7am start to filter out) rather than trying to mash in between 7:20 and 7:30am.  With your first point, again – walk the class and ask questions FIRST…saying ‘the trainers should just tell us’ just isn’t practical because what is obvious to one person is not to another…and some people attend Friday then get the exercise wrong when they are asked to do it again on Saturday…not knowing is not knowing…ask questions at the start.
    Casual start time and if you want longer workout that option is available Glad it is working for you.
    Love that you can join the class whenever, and that it starts at 7.00am Awesome
    Flexibility for a weekend morning It’s all about being flexible.
    Like it because being a Saturday it allows you to be more flexible as to when you start the class. Happy you think so.
    I like that I can do an exercise on a Saturday morning without being on top of someone. It also suits us as it’s more flexible having kids and not having to rush out of the house to make 7.15 How funny is it that some are saying there is more of a crush now and others saying there is less…have I mentioned how I cannot win???
    I have never done the class Well, there is a heap of feedback on here that might help you work out whether you want too…
    I would usually do the 8.15am class on a Sat but been able to get there just after 7.30 works a treat for me on the weekend =) Terrific.
    Seems less structured. OK – not sure how that is the case but please get in touch and let me know what you mean.
    Flexibility or rocking up, warming up and getting into  a class without waiting for it to start Awesome
    I like the flexibility That’s good.
    I like being able to still come to class if I’m running 10mins late without waiting an hour for the next one. (Or you could just SPRING out of bed when the alarm goes off!)
    Having 2 kids i love the flexibility of being able to go/leave the gym when I can and not be rushing  to get to the class in time. It’s a much more relaxed morning for me and the household with rolling thunder. Great.
    Like the flexibility of start and finish times Good – flexible is good.
    Love that you can join in at any time. It’s all about being flexible.
    I like the flexibility of it Awesome
    I personally like RT on a Thursday but given the numbers of people on a Saturday I find it a big mish mash particularly at around 7.30am.  I think fixed times work better as if someone can’t get there for 7.15 then 8.15 is there as an option.  Rather than blending those busy times and everyone being there together.  I also find the trainers very distracted as they are dealing with new arrivals and it’s hard for them to keep it instructor lead.  Anyway that’s just my feelings on it!  I’ll still come Saturday’s regardless of ge Format though.  Thanks for letting us have a say! It is chaos at 7:30am.  As you will see with the other comments, it is the ability to come at ‘ANYTIME’ that is appealing to so many AND as the the lost time between 7-7:15am, 8-8:15am and 9-9:15am is now available for training the crush is generally LESS than it once was (except in that 7:30-7:45 window of death).  And yes, the trainers are distracted trying to find spots for people…cos it is not easy trying to do that…
    Jump in and jump out Awesome
    The ability to start and finish when I want That’s the idea of Rolling Thunder.
    It is great that you can join in whenever you arrive and work as long as you like. Awesome
    Flexibility on a weekend is good Flexibility is what it is about.
    I can come when I’m ready! But are you REALLY ready?
    I like being able to rock up between a certain time and jump in when I can That’s great.
    Like it gives flex around start/stop times. Dislike that new exercises aren’t explained by coach LOL.  How are the coaches supposed to do that?  We have NEVER put in a new exercise in Rolling Thunder…but every exercise is new to someone.  We started off putting up videos of the ‘demos’ needed for Rolling Thunder as we thought this would be a problem…but stopped when one only got 3x views on YouTube…an hour of work for 3 people?  Just not worth it.  Walk the class before you start, check that you understand everything and ask questions before you start…that’s the best advice I can give you.
    Like convenience of anytime between 7and 10am. Hopefully it makes it easy for you to get a session done.
    Can keep going beyond 45 mins. Extra = Extra gains.
    Come and go when you want
    Bigger period of classes running
    Work out for a longer period of time if desired
    Yeah – there is a bigger time frame of classes.  Just filling in the gaps between 7-7:15, 8-8:15 and 9-9:15 adds 45minutes of training time to every Saturday.  I have read a couple of comments that we are trying to jam more people into the same time-frame…that isn’t the case…the training time on Saturday has been increased by 45minutes…again, 7:30am is the busiest time…arrive at 7:45am and you will find things have ‘settled’.
    No set lap. Can do 1 or 3 Yes you can!
    I can come at a time that suits me and leave when I need to leave. It would be nice to see it start at 6.30am though. There is a class at 6am called Barbell Club.  Remember, we tried running Boxing at 6:15am only 12-months ago and it was not supported…happy to trial these things (which we did on request) BUT if the ‘people’ want things then ‘the people’ need to vote with their feet.
    The ability to get in when I can and jump straight in. Awesome
    Not being stuck to a certain time that class starts That’s the idea of Rolling Thunder.
    Less interaction with trainers
    Too unstructured
    Waiting for equipment as too many people in group
    Different atomosphere- loses the Saturday vibe
    With the waiting for equipment thing, I am not sure how to address that.  Just like every gym in the world, if every single person shows up at the same time, it is going to be a battle for equipment…and 7:30am Saturday is as bad as it gets at Round 1.  What can I say…arrive at 7:45 and you will find things a lot more relaxed…as for the rest of your comments – I agree…but as I have said a couple of times, the majority is over-whelming and they have a contrary view.
    I like it because you can do more stations and you can start at anytime 👍 Yes, yes you can!
     You rock up when you want Yes, yes you do!
    Easy to follow and flexible Great.
    That I can rock up at anytime and start. It fits my Saturday schedule better. LOL – that sounds like it fits your ABSENCE of a schedule better!
    Flexibility with start time Great.
    Love the flexibility! Would love to see more afternoon sessions of rolling thunder during the week I have to say I think Thursday and Saturday is enough.
    Like being able to show up when I want. Can do a few extra rounds too if I want. Extra = Extra gains.


    Q3:  Is there anything you would like to see us doing MORE OF in the gym?

    You said… …and we SAY….
    More 9min boards that are in a Chipper style workout. So – 9-minute rounds are hard to do because they are very restrictive in terms of class numbers.  I like them as well, but whenever we schedule them the busy classes are chaotic (hence I don’t write them very often).
    More rolling thunder class options More days?  OK – well, 2 is enough I think.  If you mean something else, please let me know.
    Not that I can think of:) Thanks for answering.
    Nope love the gym. I just have to make time to get there more often Thank you.
    No Thanks for answering.
    Rolling Thunder! Thanks.
    Nup. I love the place Awesome.
    Nope, very happy That’s great.
    Enjoy the 5 min round classes where minute is different, 1 min Cardo, 1 min body weight etc etc
    More team challenges of various styles
    Enjoy partner classes as well.
    I like those things as well…always look forward to those sessions.
    Make me skinny faster.. jokes!
    Encourage all trainers to motivate not interigate. Banter is fine but sometimes the trainers take it too far and like most people the gym is an escape not a place for them to take banter too far.  Also encourage not just chat to everyone.
    So I am a bit lost by what you mean with the banter/not banter stuff and the ‘motivate not integrate’ – or do you mean interrogate?  Reach out and let me know so I can help get to the bottom of this…and yes, that means this survey is 100% anonymous and I have no idea who writes what!
    More previews of class specifics for strength gym OK.  So – what do you mean?
    Penalties…as much as we complain it also shows you care 😉 Yeah – it’s a balance, there’s no doubt.  I would rather err on the side of too few than too many but there is no doubt that from time to time we swing too far one way or the other.
    More interaction from staff – not simply yelling shields to sparks etc – improve technique as an example Fair enough.  I think we try pretty hard here but…anyway, would love to have a chat about the things you are specifically talking about.  Really want to do this stuff better, that’s for sure.
    Nope. Love it just the way it is. Thanks.
    Keep doing what you doing Michael & the team.
    Great gym, great people, it’s a family.
    Thank you.
    Cleaning I always laugh at this ‘cos we are pretty much cleaning the place the entire time we are here…please reach out and let me know what specific concerns you have.
    Set of 35kg and 40kg barbells save having to borrow from next door Well, to be fair you shouldn’t be taking bars from next door…the classes are written to use the weights we have available.  Reach out – let me know what you need…if it is just ‘MORE’ that you need, pretty sure 2x 20kg KB or DB will meet your needs as easility as a extra rack of barbells…again, reach out and let’s have a chat.
    continuous consultation is great Is that ‘THIS’ or is that saying we need to do more of this?
    Bbq and beers 😂😂 Didn’t we do that last weekend at the Quarie?
    Would be good if there was some bar bell or f/f sessions around the 4:00 marks  , even 2-3 session thru the week So…I have said to a few people if you can get a couple of numbers to commit, I will put classes on Tuesday and Friday (when DAP isn’t)…but that is always the end of the conversation.  Can you please help me out and tell me who actually WANTS this service and would use it?
    No minute rounds. Just 1 lap – 2 laps just mentally does my head in haha. Well – you need to fight through that stuff and telling yourself that ‘2 laps does my head in’ is not a great way to approach your training.  Sometimes it will be 2-laps, sometimes it will be one.  When it is 2, personally I like trying to focus on bettering my performances in the 2nd lap (I find that quite motivating)…you need to find your version of that.
    Not really Ta.
    Nope love it all. Thanks.
    pick on those who are not working hard enough. 🙂 …and who ARE those people?
    The trainers getting in and doing the classes with us Well, they have to do 3x classes every week as part of their employment contract and that is pretty much what they all do!
    Think the gym is doing an amazing job, especially over the last 12 months – all good! Thank you.
    Love the gym and the trainers. Keep up the great work. Thanks.
    Every class is amazing. Keep doing the same. I’m not sure EVERY class is amazing but I hope you know we are trying.
    All good love the set up Thanks.
    No .. it’s perfect the way it is .. well done to you all LOL – 100% not perfect.  Appreciate the kind words though.
    No, I think you’re offering a great range of classes! Thanks.
    Nope, love it! Great
    Yes, bring back the punishments!! The ball drop game, the Sally/Nutbush/Switch warm ups, the holding ropes above the head team bin runs…. they all suck but have a great team mentality! Yeah – setting punishments aside, we still do all that stuff.  Sally (for example) was last on in Jan week 3, it is scheduled again for March week 2 (that’s next week!).  The problem with all of that ‘stuff’ is that if we do it too often, then it gets sucky and repetitive…try to keep it a bit fresh and fun…Punishments are good up to a point – I just like them to have a little bit of meaning and not detract too much from the class…
    Tream challenges. Love them Yeah – I love them too….every 5-6 weeks is a good balance with those.
    Sunday time for developing athletes program and more times available for functional fitness OK – so let me just say we aren’t going to run DAP on SUNDAY.  At the moment there are only 14x DAP clients and we are really ‘holding on’ in terms of being able to making that a sustained offering.  With Funky, tell me what times you want to do…reach out, have a conversation.
    Sure! …  More of     the same.   Keep it up Thanks.
    team challenges like the rowing challenge Yeah – love them.  We will keep doing them every few weeks.
    Keep it same it’s fab! Thanks.
    All good 🙂 Ta.
    More use of the skipping ropes. OK.  We use them on a cycle…I get frustrated with using them as so many people treat the skipping stations as a chance to stand around and do nothing.
    No, love it as it is Thank you.
    Individual competitions. Like, competition of the month. EG. Run 2km time trials and have a place to write name and time. Or, 1km Row, or 2km Bike ride. ECT. You know this makes me laugh….we have 2x individual competitions (one x Cardio, one x WOD) that we publish EVERY SINGLE WEEK and no-one ever does them….so – this one is on you guys, not on me!
    Nope, I love the early morning classes and the freedom of the weekend rolling thunder Awesome.
    Burpee penalties. You want some?  How many!
    Less of Eli’s choice of music :p I would say less of Alex’s choice of music.  There is no such thing as ‘good’ “Nu-METAL”
    Not really
    Correcting technique. Less injuries. Umm – OK.  What injuries?  What technique…come and see me please.
    No I love it Thanks.
    But more balance work, Specifically?
    I’m ok at the moment the addition of the new gym has giving way more variety of cardio and strength classes Great.
    Nope – your new addition has it all covered Thanks for answering.
    All good Thanks.
    Nah, all good
    You guys are amazing Well, Josh thinks HE is amazing…is that the same thing?
    group challenges like total rowing are good, good team atmosphere and good way to meet other people too 100%.
    More Rolling Thunder sessions please More days?  OK – well, 2 is enough I think.  If you mean something else, please let me know.
    No – love it as is Thanks.
    I”m happy love it Thank you.
    More sled based exercises You push the sled, you pull the sled, you drag the sled…what else do you need???
    Maybe include machines in the new gym into workouts somehow We 100% do that in Barbell club…not really sure how we could do that in Functional and we clearly couldn’t do it in Boxing.
    Rolling Thunder Monday to Saturday LOL.  Ummm….NO.
    Later classes on Friday would be great If people came to the gym, we would run the classes.  Get me 10x people, I will run a class…
    Body work no rules So – the problem here is that no-one comes to these sessions.  So now we have created a whole new gym dedicated to that style of training where all of the Body Work/No Rules people can hang out…
    Cleaning 😂 OK – let me know what you need done ‘cos all we do all day is clean the gym and the equipment.  We always want to make the gym better, but help me understand the issues.
    Nope – love it! Thanks.
    Not particularly Thanks for answering.
    The Gym is great Ta.
    Love the new class options .. would be great to have a yoga session by Lauren ! I think Lauren is keen…how much per class would you be willing to pay for these sessions?
    – More group/partner work during the normal boxing classes as it is a nice way to change things up a bit. Every time there is partner/group work I hate it, as it makes me work even harder. So more of it please.
    – I hate skipping, and the only way to hate it less is to do more of it. More skipping please. I won’t do it if it’s not part of a scheduled class.
    – Everything else is great, ta
    Yeah – will keep running the partner classes and group challenges…we can’t do these every day though.  With the skipping, yep – it is in the class plans on a ‘cycle’ and my only hesitation is that it gets treated as a ‘rest’ by so many people.
    Keep doing what you do love the variety and the challenging classes you provide Thanks.
    No minute rounds. I love not being restricted to a time limit so I can focus more on technique rather than racing through the exercises to get them done before the bell Cool.  We try to run these 2 times every 6-week mesa-cycle.
    No, it’s working for me Great
    Not really, pretty happy with how things are to be honest. That’s great.
    Nope, love it all! Thank you.
    Not off the top of my head but I’ll let you know Cool – please do…
    Barbell club OK – what, when, where…More info please.
    Might not be achievable but focus pads boxing was pretty cool I like it and have 3x PT clients now who just do pads…
    Not at the moment Thanks for answering.
    Nope. Love it all 😀 Thanks.
    Love being back at the gym!! Nope, you guys are doing great 🙂 Thanks – glad you are back??
    Michael smile It would be nice to be a bit less stressed and a lot happier.
    More cuddles 🙂
    Yes .More of the same,keep up the good work. Thanks.
    Nothing comes to mind Thanks for answering.
    Maybe a bit more actual coaching on form and effort rather than just being timekeepers I think I have answered this already, but we try pretty hard here…please reach out and let me know specifically what you mean/what help you need.
    Gym is awesome just the way it is! Thanks
    Nope – I am happy with everything you currently do and I know it will cotninually grow It better.
    More “train the trainer” opportunities. More “pro” level challenges in boxing classes 👍 Train the trainer really fits in with a ‘social’ activity and we have just not seen much support for this recently.  The movie night was a huge fail and the drinks at the Quarie last week maybe even worse…PRO challenges only come out every few weeks – really don’t want to create ‘3x levels’ in every class….
    Cardio team challenges. Yep – every few weeks is the schedule…
    Strengthening stations in boxing The strength stuff is worked out at between 12-20% of the total training time each week in boxing.  That isn’t going to change – we have set up a whole other ‘gym’ with classes dedicated to strength work.
    Rolling Thunder sessions. They are great if you are running a few minutes late or can’t stay for a full 45 minutes. Awesome.
    Nope, just Burpees. How many?
    Not really
    Nope, doing a great job Thanks.
    Instructors encouraging people and the friendly banter I have seen a few comments about people needing more encouragement…
    Love the pain already Pain?  It’s all GAIN!


    Q4:  Are there any other suggestions or comments you would like to make?  We are really interested in any feedback you might have that would help us build a better gym?

    You asked…. …we said…
    Round 1 ‘Poncho’ style towels to cover the body when driving home after a sweaty class. I thing Marshy has his own one but I’d support a Round 1 Poncho if they were available Honestly we probably wont get these…it is enough of a battle with sourcing t-shirts and hoodies and making them available let alone adding more retail losses to the bottom line (and they are pretty much guaranteed to lose money).  I agree they are cool though…you can probably make one with a pair of scissors and a beach towel??
    Would like to see a running class implemented or aimed at developing runners. Also yoga classes would be a huge plus. SO…last two times we have had running club participation has been < 6 people…it simply isn’t worth it.  With the yoga, Lauren has done her certs and I guess we are curious to know what you would be prepared to pay per class for that service?
    No suggestions, love coming to the gym! Thanks.
    Answered above Hopefully I actually replied above ‘cos the survey outcomes aren’t presented answer by answer – they are presented in question groups (as you are reading here today).
    Love the gym. Can’t really fault it! Thanks.
    Love the workouts, the people and the amazing equipment you have invested in Thanks.
    Mike you offer an incredible value for money training centre Thanks.
    The newer trainers need to be more involved, give more feedback during classes Yeah – that’s probably fair…they are learning though and I think they are doing better every day.
    Keep up the good work 🙏😁 Thanks.
    happy overall – round 1 is great 🙂 I do like rolling thunder on Thursdays but not Saturdays. It is hard to be motivated on the weekend – so a set time boxing class is better than rolling thunder where you do as long or short as you like. OK – I feel like I have answered this one a few times already…the people have spoken though and 90% of them want us to keep Rolling Thunder on a Sunday.
    Only longer hours on Public Holidays ( close) the hours i work i cant get there to train on a public holiday.. Yeah – well, that probably wont happen.  The gym is basically a ghost town from about 10am so there is no point in us running classes and we want to enjoy the public holiday as well!
    Would really love to see a once of 10 class pass for the other side of the gym. I’m keen to give it a try but I’m not sure how feasible it will be getting there for me. 10 classes is long enough to give it a good go to see if it would fit and if I’d actually like the classes. So – just upgrade your membership for a fortnight or a month or whatever…surely that’s the better solution?  That way you can do as many classes as you want for an extra cost of $1 per day…if you don’t want to do it, drop it back down.  To be honest, the new gym is worth it for the amazing array of Hammer Strength equipment alone – let alone the classes… is incredible value for money – if you don’t believe me, check out the pricing at an F45 or local crossfit gym and compare – you will be looking at more than DOUBLE the price for half the equipment.  If I sound frustrated by this, I don’t mean to be but I just am…
    None that I can think of at the moment. Thanks.
    I love the gym, always have.
    I quite liked the pro option on Monday on the bikes. As someone who has been aiming for performance for a while, pro was a new kind of target. I also liked James’ class on Saturday, just the right amount of things 🙂 I could rattle on for a while. I suppose in terms of improvements I don’t have any, sorry.
    Yeah – the PRO thing will continue to pop its head up every now and then…I don’t want to create 3 layers of scaling though so it wont be every day.  James?  Josh maybe?  In any case, I agree last Saturday’s class was cool.
    What you guys are doing is awesome ! Love it <3 Thanks.
    Honestly just keep doin what your doin. We’ll try.
    Make a private Facebook group for all members to share recipes, workouts ect – like the challenge OK.  I am not a social media person so please explain why we couldn’t use the current site to do this?
    Some video footage online on website with examples of exercises that are often included so technique can be worked on Like our youtube channel that has literally dozens of exercise demos on it?  That no-one ever, ever looks at (or looked at)??  Something like that?  I get it – I do, which is why I started doing it all – but when you spend time creating a resource that no-one wants (represented by the fact it never got used), rather than throwing good money after bad at some point you have to look at it as a sunk cost and move on.
    Sunday – Rolling Thunder too. We can trial it? Nah – I don’t think so.
    Excellent gym. Keep up the good work! Thanks.
    Trainers who give a small compliment when noticing hard work is such a boost for me. Thank you. Hopefully this happens more often than not.
    More mirrors around the matted area so I can get front and side profile. Burgo I am actually surprised a national (international??) magazine hasn’t engaged a video crew to follow you around in order to capture the magnificence 24×7.
    None that I can think of Thanks.
    More funky fit, yoga…even a kids club? Hahahaha Isn’t the Developing Athlete Program a ‘KIDS CLUB’?  Or maybe I am missing something.  Let me know.  When do you want the extra FF sessions to run?
    Don’t have the imagination to help here.  🙂 LOL.
    Love the trainers and the classes Ta
    sorry no
    Nope – just please don’t close Well, the rent has been paid for March…April is looking a bit touch and go but we have a few weeks!
    All good
    install wipe dispensers Yep.  Fair call…
    No – don’t go changing (too much anyway). The formula is about right Thanks.
    Air con ahah!!!!!!!!! The office is air conditioned and it is amazing.
    It’s awesome as it is Thank you.
    Yes , people need to wipe the seat when they get off the bike 🙂 So – how do WE solve this.  We have 100% compliance with the towel thing but holy hell…at some level you guys have to take responsibility for some of this.
    Slightly longer open hours on public holidays Simple.  Start coming to the gym later and let me know.  Once upon a time there was no 5am class…no 4pm class.  Some people got together and committed to be here, we trialled it and there you go – now we have 5am and 4pm every day…We used to open on both Sunday and Public Holidays until 1pm…but NO ONE would ever come.  If you think you have a case to extend, start garnering support and come and see me…I am happy to do whatever ‘for the people’ but what I wont do is sit around waiting for people who aren’t coming.
    The gym needs to be cleaned Thanks – as I have commented above, let me know the issues and I will get onto it.  As I have also said, all that happens during the working day when classes aren’t running is the gym gets cleaned…
    Like the extra strength classes now. Barbells has been good, just wish there was a morning class or two during the week as well. Obviously it’s only new though so probably still testing the waters 🙂 So here’s the question.  I want to run it at 6:30am – and I said this on the blog and asked for expressions of interest…ONE PERSON has said they would attend.  I hate to say it, but one person is personal training, that isn’t a class…
    Great gym…enjoy coming! Thank you.
    Besides adding in yoga / stretch sessions as options. Yeah – mentioned this a couple of times.  How much would you pay per session for YOGA?
    Doing a great job keep it up 👍 Ta
    Keep up the great work guys, love it Thank you.
    Love the new gym. We do need a few lighter dumbbells. They start at 10. A 9 would be nice Yeah – basically out of $ at the moment…sorry that we have people running between gyms to get dumbbells but don’t have much choice right now.
    Can we start yoga classes with Lauren ?? or in the mines it’s called (stretch & flex for the boys) Yeah – mentioned this a couple of times.  How much would you pay per session for YOGA?
    Nah you guys rock Thank you.
    Would recommend adding timeframes to DAPs similar to FF, so that when a trainer that is less time aware takes the class they have better time management DAP has time-frames and the classes should not run over.
    Turning the fans on more frequently during the humid sticky mornings SO – I was going to start typing but here is a better way to answer: Sometimes being uncomfortable is good for you.
    No I love the boxing classes and how every class is different Thanks.
    Nope… we’re done here
    NO, sorry
    A creche? 😂
    No seriously, it’s still Perth’s best gym!
    Yeah – thanks so much for offering to run it for me!  Can you send through details of your availability – and remember, that needs to be double available on school holidays! 🙂
    I love it when the trainers make sure that they interact with everyone in the class – not just the “super fit” group. Even attention to everyone is best. Most trainers do but some do get distracted by the more able people doing the class and forget to give the normal people a bit more encouragement or check that they are doing the exercises correctly.
    Anyway, I love this gym and wouldn’t think of ever going anywhere else.
    Thanks.  Everyone is challenged to engage with every client at least once in each session…can we do better – I’m sure we can…hopefully the intent is good though.
    Nope – I love this gym and the community that continually grows with it on a daily Thank you.
    Like the new b+/bodywork 7pm format – gives more options to up the anti during the week Great.  Still need a name for that class.
    Wall mounted disposable wipes for equipments. So that people can wipe stuff before/after use. Yep.
    Earlier start times on a Saturday and Sunday. I need to miss some days due to commitments but if I could attend a 6 or 6.30 am session I would be able to make it. There is a 6am session Saturday – Barbell Club.  We tried 6am Boxing on Saturday and no-one attended…pretty hard to run extra sessions when people aren’t interested…if we could guarantee at least 12x attendees I would do it – Sadly, we were lucky to get 25% of that!!  Sunday we wont be opening before 8am – that’s early enough.  I look at other gyms such as ROAR in Cockburn – they have more than 5x the number of members we have and offer a total of ZERO group classes on a Sunday…F45 down the road offer 1x session.  I know it isn’t about what others do but sessions from 6am Saturday (through to 11:30) and 3x sessions on Sunday from 8:15am is pretty good…
    The gym is perfect. Thanks
    All looks good and amazing facility. Thank you.
    Nah, I really enjoy the great mix of classes. Thanks
    More rolling thunder sessions More days / times?  More what?  There are no plans to go past two days at the moment.

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