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    Recipe of the Week – Sushi


    2 Cups of Sushi Rice

    3 Cups of water

    2 Tablespoons of Mirin “Sushi Seasoning”

    4 Crab Sticks

    2 Small tins of tuna

    2 Tablespoons of Kewpie Mayo

    2 Honey Soy Chicken Kebabs 

    Soy Sauce to serve

    Small pack of Nori (Sushi Seaweed)

    Small cup of water

    1 Carrot

    1 Continental Cucumber


    Day 1:

    This is a 2 day cook. So get prepared. Cook the kebabs and refrigerate.

    Rinse Rice 2-3 times or until water is no longer cloudy.

    Add the 3 cups of water to rice and put in Rice cooker (No Rice cooker… Get one they are like $11 from kmart). Or boil slowly until all water is absorbed.

    Remove Rice from heat and add Mirin, Mix, and then Refrigerate.

    Day 2:

    Mix Mayo and Tuna together with Fork

    Cut/Shred Chicken Kebabs

    Cut cucumber in half, deseed and cut cucumber into strips. Skin and julienne Carrot

    Set up a station with the rest of the ingredients 

    Place down 1 sheet of seaweed, cover ¾ of seaweed with rice

    Place in desired ingredients on edge of rice and seaweed

    Roll carefully towards the ¼ of uncovered seaweed. When close, dip fingers in water and wipe the seaweed like it’s a envelope, and seal roll. (a sushi mat does help with this, but it isn’t essential, if you do use a sushi matt, wrap it in glad wrap, it’ll save cleaning the damn thing)

    Use a sharp wet knife to slice sushi rolls into slices, or just in half for good size snacks.


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