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    Recipe of the Week – Salmon and Sauteed Vegetables

    Salmon & marinade

    Grate 1 pealed thumb of ginger and use flesh from the inside of the grater, discard pulp & fibre from the outside of the grater. 

    Grate or chop 1 clove of garlic.

    Optional:  chop handful of coriander and 1 small chilli.

    1 Tsp of sesame seed oil 

    2 Tsp soy sauce 

    1 Tsp olive oil

    Light amount of Salt and pepper 

    Mix ingredients and gently massage into salmon steaks and allow to sit in the fridge while prepping veggies. 


    Cut red cabbage, Bok Choy, Chinese broccoli & red onion & fry in Wok with olive oil, sesame seed oil and optional ginger until cooked to liking, adding ¼ cup of water every time it evaporates. 

    Just before veggies are cooked and all water is evaporated, splash with soy sauce and 2Tsp sesame seeds. 

    Cooking salmon 

    Sear salmon skin down on med-high heat until brown and golden, turn down and cover salmon and cook on low for about 10 minutes, turning to each other side every 3 minutes. Cool until pink and soft inside. 

    Serve on a bed of rice & veggies 



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