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    Recipe – Fool Proof Omelette

    INGREDIENTS:  (makes 1 big omelette for one person or 2 not too hungry people)

    5 eggs, whisked

    Small handful of shaved ham (you could also substitute hot or cold smoked salmon)

    Feta cheese (Greek or persian, goats cheese is also good)

    6 Cherry tomatoes, sliced

    Fresh basil or parsley

    Butter, salt and pepper

    Extra ingredients as you like: chives, thinly sliced mushrooms, spinach, roasted capsicum…….(use your imagination!)



    Using a non-stick frypan (very important it is non-stick!), small to medium size, melt a big teaspoon of butter over low heat. You can also use olive or avocado oil but butter works better.

    Pour in the whisked eggs (don’t add milk or cream) and scramble the bottom slightly as they cook to help speed up the process. You can cover as well to help cook and keep things fluffy.

    Once the eggs are almost cooked (about 5 mins, but will vary depending on the pan) add the cheese to half the omelette, followed by the rest of the ingredients in the same half.

    Season to taste.

    Carefully loosen the half that doesn’t have ingredients from the pan, and fold over to create a delicious, eggy pocket of goodness.

    Allow to cook a bit longer, covered, around 2 mins or until there is no egg running out when you press on top.

    Slide out of the pan and eat the lot if you’re hungry, or slice in half and share.


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