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    ‘Put on a Display’, New equipment, Casual Users and Extreme Pushups

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Last week was another really hard week of classes…perhaps not quite as difficult as the week before but pretty tough nonetheless.  A couple of things stood out for me from the week:

    1.     David Piesley announcing before the 5pm class on Wednesday that he was ‘feeling great’ and ready to ‘put on a display’.  Whilst I admit to giving him a bit of a hard time about this, I have to say it was great attitude to take into the session…he was determined to get something out of it.

    2.     The 1pm class on Thursday (pretty quiet – only 8 of us) where we all got a little bit of competition going – how many lifts, how many pushups etc.  By the end of the class I think it is safe to say we were all completely spent and it was one of the best sessions I have done since the gym opened.

    Both of these things put together really reminded me how much the training experience can vary even between two people doing the same session – it all depends on your attitude going in and whether you are determined to get everything out of it or just ‘get through’.  I know personally a lot of times I fall into the latter category – just wanting to get it over with – but the satisfaction that comes from really laying it on the line just can’t be beaten.

    This week there are some sessions that are going to prove really challenging (Body Work is particularly tough) and I hope you jump into the sessions at full speed and really ‘put on a display’!

    March Challenge is Under Way

    Some more great results in the March challenge this week.  My own progress has been ‘POOR’ to say the least – after 6 attempts, my fastest time remains the one I did first (4:53) – although I was pleased to finally get under the 5 minute mark again this morning (4:56).  Hats off from me to James Taylor who has slashed his time by nearly 30-seconds – I haven’t seen that improvement out of anyone else so far…James has shown that it is possible though, so if you are struggling to improve your time I can only think of one way of doing it – Persist.

    A reminder of the rules for anyone interested – and remember, there are still 10 days to go.

    • 3km’s on the bike, gear 16.
    • Two divisions – Boys and Girls.
    • The prize will be simple – train the trainer (or ALL the trainers) for 1×45 minute session.  So if you want to get your own back, the March challenge is for you.

    Casual Cards, Casual Classes and other things ‘CASUAL’

    There are going to be a few changes relating to the 10-round passes and general ‘casual’ access to the gym taking effect from April 1st.

    1.     Casual payments / 10-round passes cannot be used for access to the gym area during peak usage periods (5pm-7pm, Mon-Thurs).

    2.     A maximum of (ten) 10 casual or ’10-round Pass’ holders will be able to access the ‘Boxing for Fitness’ classes at 5pm and 6pm.  A booking system will be instituted to support this.’

    Apologies to those impacted by the changes – I am not trying to force you to become members of the gym, and I do understand that due to family and work circumstances it is simply not convenient for everyone to sign a membership contract.  I hope you also understand that I need to make sure that those people who have made a long-term commitment to training at Round 1 Fitness receive the best experience available.

    Skinny Mini

    Just a quick note about ‘Skinny Mini’ – I know it appears to be perpetually ‘out-of-stock’ but please believe me when I say it is essentially ‘ALWAYS’ on order.  This product has proven very effective and the supplier is simply struggling to keep up…as such, we don’t always receive everything ordered.

    I have been told to expect 18 in this week…fingers crossed.

    Gym Update #1

    There will be some more circuit equipment arriving this week:

    –         20kg barbells.

    –         5kg dumbbells.

    –         Fit ball rack.

    I am sure the heavier weights will really help amp up the classes for a few people out there.  And if you are wondering if YOU should be one of the people using the heavier weights, my immediate answer is YES.

    Gym Update #2

    We are just about to initiate the next phase of changes to the Round 1 Fitness website – mostly ‘ease of use’ type stuff, but also to integrate a new “members profiles’ section.  So, if you enjoy training at Round 1 and would like to share your experiences on the website, please let me know and I will send through a sample questionnaire.

    Footy Tipping

    Another reminder to join the Round 1 Fitness Footy tipping contest.  As mentioned in the email, entry is free and the prizes will be dependent on entry numbers so I can’t publish those yet, but basically the more the merrier.

    The entry link is:

    Update and Reminder – Thursday and Friday

    The March experiment for Thursday’s (1-minute Rounds) and Friday’s ($5 per session after 5pm) is nearly over and the votes have been cast:

    –         ‘1-minute  Rounds’ will be retained on Thursday’s for the short – medium term (at least).  Numbers have jumped by almost 15% for the evening sessions – a positive result.

    –         ‘$5 after 5pm on Friday’ will end this Friday, March 25th.  Numbers have not changed and it seems clear that the decision to train on Friday nights or not is unrelated to the cost of the sessions.

    Link of the week

    After the comments on last week’s video (Hannibal the King) I thought I would include another series of body-weight exercises this week:

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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