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    Plans for the new year, New Years Special Offer

    Hi and welcome to another week.

    This is the first blog update for a couple of weeks – I missed last week due to the holidays – but the classes have been great (with smaller classes I have been joining in a bit more) and even though the groups have been (mostly) smaller, those people getting along have been having a real go.

    The end-of-the-year is both a time to reflect on the year past and look ahead.  I know for myself when I look back at 2010 there has been a lot of change – an incredible amount of change really.  12-months ago I was living the corporate life, working for Bankwest and wondering if the business proposal that had been with the City of Cockburn for more than 10-months would ever be approved.

    We got the go ahead from the planning department in early January and moved full-steam ahead to convert the unfinished warehouse on Hammond Rd into a gym – check the Facebook group (!/group.php?gid=286709439483&v=photos&so=15) for some of the early photos – as well as working 50+ hours a week at the Bank, coaching a football team (in Mandurah) and trying to do a little bit of parenting along the way.  From mid-March I moved into a part-time role at the Bank and dedicated a few more hours to getting ‘Round 1 Fitness’ underway, before moving to the gym full-time in mid-April.

    The first few months were a complete shock to the system – and the gym was QUIET.  There were many days when the only classes to run would be at 6am, 5pm and 6pm – the others were all scheduled, but I was the only one here! But, over time the classes got better, I think I got better at running them (and planning them) and more and more (and more) people came along.  And less than 12-months in the business is making a little bit of money – and whilst I don’t get to have any of it yet I am beginning to think that we might just be able to make a go of it.

    2011 is going to be important though as there is no doubt that there are a lot of things that still need to be done ‘better’ at the gym.  I have a long (and growing) ‘To Do’ list, some of which I have shared below:

    –         Moving the weights upstairs remains a key priority.  This will give us more room for the classes as well as providing those people want to lift with an air-conditioned environment.

    –         Focus on the office / entry area and make the initial entry point to the gym a little (lot) more professional.  I am talking here about:

    o   Automated check-in facility.

    o   EFTPos availability.

    o   Revised storage solution for the water to get it ‘out of the way’.

    o   Offer a wider range of drinks.

    o   Fit out the office area such that the clothing/gloves/supplements etc is more effectively displayed so that everyone can see what is available.

    o   Increase the range of products available to members.

    –         Add equipment to the gym floor to enable the addition of ‘more’ exercises within the classes.  Provision of one-handed ab wheels, training rings and additional chin-up / fence-pull racks for use in the classes are all planned for the first quarter.

    –         More staff on the floor at key times to enable greater use of focus pads within the sessions.

    –         Add some AV facilities to the gym – specifically get some tv’s mounted both downstairs with the cardio gear and upstairs in the new weights area.

    –         Partnerships with massage therapists and physios to allow members to be treated ‘on-site’ at discounted rates.

    I guess the general message from me is that whilst Round 1 Fitness has come a long way, there is still a really long way to go to get it where it needs to be.  As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions you would like to share, I would love to hear them – I want the gym to be ‘great’ and the more input I get the better chance I have of making it that way.

    New Years Resolution Special

    As per the last update, we will be running a “New Year’s Resolution” initiative along similar lines of the ’10-sessions for $50’ promotion earlier this year.  From January 1st, if you purchase a 10-session card for $100 you will be entitled to buy a ‘2nd’ voucher at half-price.  Or, 20-classes for $150 – which is just $7.50 as session.

    None of the restrictions of the last promotion (each card for the exclusive use of one person, each card must be used within 30-days etc) will apply this time however – which means you AND a friend could share the two-cards and save some money.

    So tell your friends and let them benefit from the classes in the same way that you are!

    Gym Update #1

    Remember, if you are coming along to a session, bring a towel and a water bottle and take them around the class with you.  Not only does this save you wasting time traipsing up the gym to grab your water/towel mid-class, it is also more hygienic and will be appreciated by others in the class…the weather is hot, the gym gets hot, the classes are hard – you are going to sweat.  So bring a towel and make sure you use it.

    Gym Update #2

    The rubber flooring for the upstairs area has arrived and I have been slowly (very slowly) installing it.  At this stage, the plan is for the GymCare crew to move all the machines upstairs on January 5th, with the free-weights to follow next weekend.  This will be confirmed early next week when the GymCare crew are back in the office.

    This might mean a few ‘interruptions’ to gym users during next week – rest assured, all of the gear will be here and available for 99% of the time…there just might be a few of the larger dumbbells downstairs until the weekend.

    Apologies for any short-term inconvenience this may cause but the long term benefits to everyone will be well worth it.

    Gym Update #3

    A reminder that the January Challenge is now here!

    –         2000m on the Rower @ Level 10.

    This time there will be an extra age category added (over 45’s) to try and provide a chance for a few more people to win a prize…Prizes this time will be one of the new sleeveless ‘Round 1 Fitness’ t-shirts.

    Try and remember, the challenge is supposed to be about individual improvement and not just about winning.  Try and get a time recorded sometime in the first few days of 2011, then have a few more attempts during the month to see how much you can improve your time.  A 2000m row will take every ounce of effort in your body and if you work diligently to improve your time you will be gaining ground (fast) on your fitness and weight loss goals.

    Kids Club Reminder

    Remember, the Kids Club remains on hiatus until January 17th.

    Opening Hours (This week!)

    Just a reminder that Monday January 3rd is a public holiday.  Because of this, the gym will only be open from 9am è 1pm, with classes running at 9am (‘Body Work’), 10am (‘Boxing for Fitness’) and 11am (‘Beginners’).

    Link of the week

    Given it is one of the most frustrating pieces of equipment for newbies (and sometimes oldies alike), I thought I would include a link to one of the better ‘speed-ball’ how-to videos I have seen:

    Now, I know that the trainer in the video advises to use the front of your knuckles whereas I encourage people to start off using the side of their hand, it is a little bit irrelevant in many ways – it is about the rhythm, not about the striking point.

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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