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    Planning to eat the right way

    Hi Everyone and welcome to another week.

    The last couple of weeks I have focused a fair bit on planning with regards to training in these updates – making sure you get to enough sessions to achieve your goals and also ensuring that you have documented a ‘Plan B’ – how I will make up for my usual Thursday session (for example) when life gets in the way. This week I wanted to remind everyone that the same kind of planning can really help with your diet.

    One thing that often happens when you embark on a new training regime – particularly one as intense as the sessions we run at Round 1 Fitness – is that the weight loss goals you have are missed simply because your body is craving more food as a result of your increased activity levels. This is OK – it is just your body trying to maintain its ‘Status Quo’ – but what you do need to make sure is that the food you are eating to meet these cravings is ‘good’ food otherwise you could even find yourself GAINING weight!

    One way to do this – and avoid the mid-week pizza delivery – is to sit down at the start of each week and plan out your weekly meals. Put the whole ‘What are we having for dinner tonight?’ conversation out of play at your place by having a menu for the week, pinning it on the fridge and making sure that when you do your shopping for the week all of the ingredients for each meal are available in the house. What you might also find is that if you shop this way, you will also save yourself a few dollars at the register by not buying things that aren’t on the plan…

    Remember when doing the plan that it is not enough to avoid eating bad foods – you need to consume GOOD foods (fresh fruit, fresh vegetables) if you really want to meet your fitness and weight-loss goals…so make sure your meal planning reflects this. The other thing to remember is it is possible to have too much of a good thing – and like so many others the biggest issue in my house is not that we eat bad food (we don’t really) but that our serves of good food are more than we really need. One way to control this is to limit the size of your plate whilst making sure that the meal stays ‘in proportion’…don’t fill a smaller plate with the same amount of meat but leave off the veggies so that it ‘fits’!

    Gym Update #1

    Just a quick note about some things that are happening in the background:

    The new Leg Press is now in Perth and getting re-covered in the red leather before delivery. To answer the question a few people have asked, yes, some more weight is also being delivered (200kgs) to make sure we aren’t caught short.

    The planning to move the weights gear upstairs is well underway – hope to make this all happen in November (though) clearly need to manage the flooring issue first). This will reduce the congestion on the main gym floor giving everyone a little more room…for those lifters amongst you, the upstairs area is air-conditioned which might add to the appeal of the move. On a side note, this will probably mean the Girls/Guys change rooms swap locations.

    Another 25 more skipping ropes, scales (against my better judgment) and a dozen or so floor mats have also been paid for and we are just awaiting delivery. I know it is of little relevance to most people, but I am trying to reinvest as much as possible in the facility at the moment – the add the recent purchase of the fans, to the leg-press, additional flooring for upstairs + the scales have the capital investment amount at a shade over $12000 since the start of September…I am trying to make this not just a better gym but the best gym that I can. So when you see more people in the gym, I hope you believe me when I say the additional money coming in is going BACK into the business.

    The Lady Bird supplements (for the girls) should arrive this week, with the RedBak range for the guys following in a few weeks…the reason for the delay in the guys supplements is more to do with RedBak than us – they are re- launching/re-aligning their products and I don’t want to cause any confusion by offering two versions of the ‘same’ product at the same time.

    Gym Update #2

    On a final note, again we had our busiest week ever last week – great news for me of course!  I have had comments from a couple of people that a couple of classes were ‘too busy’ and whilst I am not sure that is really the case I did think of passing on the following information from last week – perhaps if you are worried about class sizes you might prefer to modify your training time using this information? Remember, if it is the ‘Class Type’ you are worried about, that on any given day ‘Boxing for Fitness’ and ‘Intense’ are the SAME class – it is only the ‘extras’ in ‘INTENSE’ that makes it different.  So don’t be scared of the name of the session – just get along at a time that suits and work through it to the best of your ability.

    Class sizes by day and time


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