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    Round 1 is not like a high school ‘playground’.  It is not like your work place ‘break room’.   And it is 100% not like other gyms.

    How come?  Well, this place is not about drama, cliques or judgment.  We are about supporting one-another and having a bit of fun…all whilst trying to live that is a ‘little bit better’ than it used to be.

    Personally, my experience ‘lifting weights’ started with shovelling sand from the ‘vacant block’ (aka building site – don’t ask, the 1980’s were a different time) into a wheelbarrow, pushing it back up the hill to my house and top dressing the family lawn…front and back.  Yes, on one of those ridiculous 1000m2 blocks.  That is what constituted a ‘fun weekend’ for a 12year old boy in the 1980s.  (My sister of course sat inside reading Trixie Belden books…you have to remember that it was a DIFFERENT TIME!).

    I used to do read books as well – mostly about how to play cricket and footy, but they all seemed to include a chapter or two about “getting FIT”…I still laugh to myself about the 5x “S’es” that one book used to talk about – Speed, Stamina, Strength, Suppleness and…well, some other word starting with “S” that I forget!  In response to my reading, I would do some ridiculous exercises with my Dad’s chest expander, I would do a few pushups and situps and run around Bibra Lake…Eventually I saved up enough money and bought a few dumbbells (I walked the 2kms or so to K-Mart and carried the things home…the idea of someone driving me to the shop never entered my head – at least not until I was half way home and I realised that carrying heavy things down the street was really, really HARD…like I said, it was a different time!).  When I was in year 10/11, the school teachers used to let me into the gym early to use the weights they had in the gym before school…and thinking back, all of this stuff changed my life.  It gave me confidence.  It gave me a way to deal with stress that has lasted me a lifetime!

    Many (many – don’t remind me how old I am) years later I started Round 1 to help other people ‘like me’ do the same things – lose a bit of weight, add a bit of muscle, feel more confident about themselves and their ‘physicality’…and manage some of the stress associated with modern life!

    At Round 1, we believe that exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate.  Not only that, we believe that you have to celebrate the successes you have in the gym (and in your life) in order to be motivated to train, motivated to eat properly.

    And we believe in progress, not perfection (and we try to coach with this in mind).

    And most of all, we believe in making sure you’re back at the gym again tomorrow.

    Have I run into a few “gym jerks” along the way? In 10 years?  Of course! But since I own the gym, I can keep them out of the place. The “I’m better than everyone” stuff, the “Look at me” stuff, the selfie culture…none of that works here.

    That probably means Round 1 will never be the biggest gym in town.  But we WILL always be the best place to train…and that’s because the people who come here are the BEST PEOPLE to spend time with.

    If you – or someone you know – wants to get fit, have fun and forget about all the BS that seems to come with ‘going to the gym’ these days, well come in and talk to us.  (In case you haven’t noticed, we’re not exactly salesmen, either.)


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