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At Home Programming - Body Weight
$10 / week

Designed for people of all ages and fitness levels. Done with little or no equipment, and in 30 minutes or less each day. Excellent for working out at home, or while traveling!


Standard Inclusions:

  • New workout each day.
  • 30-minute time commitment
  • Burn fat, increase lean muscle, build stamina and mobility
  • Minimal equipment – skipping rope is more than you need most days.


Whether you are new to training or already in shape, these workouts have been designed to be challenging. They are designed for people with limited available time and equipment – ideal for people who are travelling.

At Home Programming - Strength
$10 / week

Our ‘At Home – Strength’ programme has been designed to provide a fully functional strength and conditioning solution – similar to the ‘Functional Fitness’ program delivered within the 4-walls of Round 1 – but with a modified equipment base.  When it comes to equipment – the more the better (of course), but each of these sessions has been designed so that it can be completed with a single sandbag or limestone block.  How heavy?  Well, that’s up to you – but around 25kg (boys) or 15kg (girls) will see you through.  You can expect to squat, press, deadlift, RDL and will find every accessory exercise under the sun included to keep you building muscle even when you are not in the gym.

Unlimited At Home Access
$15 / week

Full access to both the ‘At Home Programming – BodyWeight’ and ‘At Home Programming – Strength’ workout paths.

Individual Programming

These sessions are designed specifically for YOU. Want to focus on getting lean? No problem. Getting stronger? Of course! Need help with your diet? We can do that. Only have access to limited equipment? We can work with you!


Standard inclusions:

  • Online Health Check
  • Kick Off Consult
  • 3-4 Personalised Programming Sessions Per week
  • Weekly Checkins With Your Coach
  • Sessions based around individual goals
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Monthly program review (30 Minutes)


Our individual, 1-on-1 training is fully customisable. It starts with a 30-minute video hook-up consultation – where we identify what you are hoping to achieve, discuss your diet, your current training regime, what things are standing in your way, how much time you have to train, details of any injuries, what equipment you have available to you…from there, you will receive a training program (delivered through the SugarWOD platform) individualised for YOU – focussed on YOUR goals.
To support you in your training you will have weekly calls with your coach AND a more formal catch-up (minimum of monthly) to really ‘dig in’ to your progress and ensure everything is on-track.


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