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    March 2019 – New Classes and an Updated Timetable

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to let everyone know that we have some exciting news for everyone – there are some brand new classes (and some brand new timeslots) on the way at Round 1…and by the time we are done, there will be more that 80 classes on offer each week.  And, to be fair, several of those classes are ‘3-hour-long’ blocks of ‘Rolling Thunder’, so the “REAL” number would be/should be 90+.

    First off, the new stuff!

    Now this has been happening for a while, but now it is official across all of the timeslots on the time-table.  Body Work and B+ Boxing have ‘merged’ to become “BODY BLITZ”.  This is a cool workout that enables each participant to choose whether they want to go down a ‘strength’ track or a ‘boxing’ track within the same ‘class’ (so to speak).  It has been working pretty well at 7pm for a few weeks now and we wanted to ‘make it official’ so to speak.

    Second – and a few people would have seen this on Social Media – we have a new class starting in the strength gym….”HAMMER TIME”.  This class will use all of our amazing Hammer Strength machines (and of course a little bit of bonus cardio) to really push and challenge you.

    So – what times are going to change?

    First off, in the STRENGTH gym we will be running classes from 5am (instead of 5:30am)…these early sessions will be either our ‘Barbell Club’ OR the new ‘HAMMER TIME’ classes – and all of this means the existing 5:30am ‘Functional Fitness’ class will slide back to 6am.

    Secondly, we will be adding TWO (2) ‘Functional Fitness’ classes at 10am each week (Tuesday and Thursday) in the Strength gym.  Of course, there is the potential to run these every day, but before we do that just want to make sure that there is an audience for the sessions…people ‘say’ they will come, but ‘saying and doing’ isn’t the same thing.

    Next, we will be splitting our lunch-time classes between the two sides of the gym.  It is pretty simple – at 12pm we will offer Boxing classes 3x per week and ‘Strength’ options 2x per week…and that will be reversed at 1pm (2x Boxing, 3x Strength)…we are still offering training options each day in each time-slot, but there is going to be the need for everyone to check the time-table to make sure they get to the ‘RIGHT’ session on the ‘RIGHT’ day.

    FINALLY, we will be adding to the Strength gym sessions each evening by doing two things.  First off, we will do an EXTRA ‘Functional Fitness’ class at 4pm each Tuesday…we can’t really do more than the one per week as the time overlaps with our 4:30pm ‘Developing Athlete’ sessions.  We will also be adding a ‘HAMMER TIME’ class at 6:30pm on Monday and Wednesday AFTER ‘Functional Fit’ – which means there will be a 6:30pm strength session (either ‘Barbell Club’ or ‘Hammer Time’) each night from Mon-Thurs.

    What does the time-table look like?

    Boxing Gym – March 18th, 2019 onwards


    Strength Gym – March 18th, 2019 onwards

    The online time-table wont/cant be updated until next week so please keep this reference handy until then…

    I am sure that these changes don’t suit everyone and do apologise for that – please keep in mind though that all the changes have been made to ADD classes (an additional 10x classes will run every single week) and EXPAND our offering by ensuring that at quieter times during the day (lunchtime, mid-morning, later evening in particular) we are offering sessions to both Boxing and Strength clients.

    Thanks for reading this far,

    See you in the gym,



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