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    March 2016 Membership Special

    Membership for less than $8 per week

    Join Round 1 Fitness this month for the amazing price of $33 per month (or $15 per fortnight).  This special is valid from today (March 8th) until the end of the month OR until fifty (50) packages have been sold.  These are FULL memberships and include unlimited access to our group sessions (Boxing for Fitness, Body Work, Beginners etc) AND unlimited access to the gym.  The only exclusion is our small group classes (TANKS) which incur and additional cost of $13.50 per session…but that is the same regardless of the membership type you are on.

    What’s the catch?

    Now with a price like this I am sure you are asking “What’s the catch” and this is where I will try to describe how this all works.

    • Your $15/fortnight OR $33/month membership is valid for 3-months.
    • At the end of 3-months, you have two options:
    1. Roll your membership into a standard 12-month membership (cost is either $33/fortnight OR $71.50 per month).
    2. Buy-out of your contract with a ONE TIME PAYMENT of $49.  Please note that the buy-out is ONLY charged if you elect NOT to continue with your membership.

    So what that means is that the MINIMUM cost of your membership is $148 for 3-months.  (That is the 3x $33 per month or 6x$15 per fortnight payments PLUS the $49 buy-out fee.)

    Please also note that if you allow your membership to ‘roll-over’ into a 12-month contract, full terms and conditions of a 12-month membership will apply.  These are summarised on the memberships page of our website and full details are available in the gym.

    Some questions?

    This is where we try to answer the questions that we think people might ask.  If you can’t find the answer you are looking for here, please email us at and we will try to help you out.

    • I don’t want to pay direct debit.  Can I just pay $99 for the 3-months up front?
      Well – for this membership type you can’t do that.  The way we have it structured with the automated roll-over and buy-out payment and all of that means that it needs to be direct debit only.
    • If I don’t want to proceed after 3-months how do I buy out of the contract?
      The buy-out process is a simple one.  Simply send through an email indicating that you do not want to continue with your membership beyond the 3-months of the original contract (email to and we will terminate the contract and charge you for the $49 buy-out fee.  The fee will fall due on the LAST DAY of your contract.  Please note – you MUST tell us before the 3-months is up IN WRITING or it will roll into a 12-month contract.
    • I am going away for 3 weeks.  Can I freeze the contract or put it on hold?
      Unfortunately with this special you are unable to put the membership on-hold.  Once it rolls into a standard 12-month membership you will again be able to freeze or suspend your membership.
    • Can I sign up online?
      Unfortunately our membership software does not allow us to sell packages online.  If you really want to do ‘everything’ without coming into the gym, please email us at and we can send you all of the necessary paperwork.  From there, you can simply scan the forms and send them through.
    • Is everyone eligible for this offer?
      In short, Yes – anyone is eligible.  The only real exception is that anyone who signed up for the limited version of this offer last November is not able to sign up and do it again…

    Please contact the gym on 9414 1141 or if you need some additional information or are keen to get started.


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