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    Lost in the Gym

    Hey Team,

    Thanks for another awesome week of sessions.  We have had a bit of a nightmare week in the ‘back-end’ of the gym with our trusty clothes dryer essentially ‘blowing up’…why does a gym even need a clothes dryer you might well ask?  Well, all those rags we use to disinfect our equipment (which just ‘feels right’ even in this post-COVID (sic) world) need to be washed and dried and our poor drier, well…it runs A LOT.  So that had to be replaced.  Then our trusty iPAD that runs the music service in the boxing gym died, and, well, that started the Google Nest experiment.  At this point in time I believe it is fair to say that being a multi-billion dollar company does not disqualify you from releasing products that don’t EXACTLY do what you say they are going to do.

    So that’s all been a LOT of fun.

    In the front end, I am kind of battling with a couple of things on the class schedule – and the #1 think at front of mind are our morning sessions.  As things stand right now, we kick things off in the boxing gym at 4:50am each day – with Box30 classes Mon-Wed-Fri and Box45 classes on Tue-Thu.  Over the past couple of weeks, attendance at the Box45 classes has been exceeding that at the 2x Box30 classes…so do we revert to 5am starts and Box45 each day?  I am kind of wrestling with it a little as it wasn’t so long ago that attendance at the 5:25am class was outstripping 6am…has it somehow lost it’s appeal.  Anyway, I would love to hear everyone’s feedback on this issue…pre-COVID we were 5am/6am Functional, 5am/6am/7am Boxing and that seemed be covering all bases…like I said, feedback please.

    We have been running an amazing special on our 2WT over the last couple of weeks – just $25 for two weeks of unlimited classes (sign up here:  Anyway, I just wanted to touch on a couple of elements of getting started at ‘the gym’ (be it Round 1 or somewhere else)…There is NO REASON you should be feeling ‘LOST’ or wondering what you SHOULD be doing.  We are here to HELP – and for everyone, whether you are years in or just starting, asking yourself the questions in the ‘HAVE A PLAN’ section below is 100% the key to success!

    Have a PLAN

    What do I mean by this exactly?  Well – as I tried to say last week, it is really hard putting together an ‘exercise’ plan so that’s not what I mean.  What I do mean is you should be able to answer a couple of pretty simple questions (funnily enough, these are the questions we ask ALL our 2-week-trial people after their first body scan…or we WOULD ask them if we could get everyone in to do a ‘Get Started’ Body Scan and planning session (more on this in a moment).

    What is your goal?  (As in, what are you actually hoping to achieve).  
    Why is your goal important?
    What two foods are you willing to give up to help achieve your goal?
    What two actions AWAY from the gym are you willing to implement to help you achieve your goal?
    Be realistic – HOW MANY SESSIONS each week can you commit to?

    You are starting for a reason.  You are training for a reason.  It might be simple – it might be ‘because I don’t want to be one of those people in Australia who put on 10kgs every 10 years after they turn 40’.  It might be ‘I want to stay fit and healthy to set a great example to my kids’.  It might be complicated – ‘My sister is getting married and I want to look great in the photos’.  Whatever it is – be honest about it.  It’s OK to be selfish (I want to look great in my bathers ‘cos I love the beach and last year I felt uncomfortable down there) with your goal…it’s YOUR GOAL.

    With the two foods you want to give up – you need to understand straight away that whatever you are hoping to achieve, you need to exercise/train and you need to EAT.  And what you do in the dining room MATTERS.  Acknowledge it up-front.  I want to lose weight?  Training alone wont do it.  I want to look toned?  Training alone wont do it.  You don’t need to give up everything – just a couple of things that you KNOW are not helping your cause.  I need to give up the beers between Monday and Friday is a pretty common one (or maybe Sunday – Thursday works better in your world?)…whatever it is, you need to acknowledge up front that the gym isn’t going to do the work…YOU are going to do the work!

    Actions away from the gym?  Hey – c’mon now – the gym is a BIG change…why do you want MORE than that?  Well – because if you want to achieve what you say you do, then you cannot talk the talk – you need to walk it and having DAILY actions in place is the key to keeping you on track.  Being able to say that ‘Yeah, I don’t buy my lunch, I prep healthy meals at home’ is a big one…and again, it helps keep you on track.  So often people find that when they are training well they are eating well and vice versa…and when their food slips, so does their training.  Other examples?  I make sure I get 10000 steps in every day, I eat protein at breakfast every morning etc.  

    Lastly…how many sessions?  I am pretty relentless at recommending a 3x 52 approach.  You do 3x sessions per week, 52x weeks of the year.  Do 4 if you like.  Do 5 if you like.  But if you are targeting 5 and only get 4, well, some people start beating themselves up about it…thinking they are somehow failures for doing one less session than they had planned (even though 4x sessions is MORE than 95% of the population!).  Target 3x sessions.  If you get an extra one or two – cool.  If you only get two?  Cool…but have a plan to jump back on the horse next week!

    Ask Questions

    It’s hard walking into the gym.  But once you have got started, there are going to be times when you need to really just speak up and ask for what you want.  We are here to help you 100% – but we don’t always know what you need help WITH.  I know it can be chaos at times at Round 1 – the classes run back to back, the trainers always seem to be busy talking to someone about something…but they actually want to help YOU.  But they can only do it if they know the stuff you WANT to know.

    Whether you want to know some breakfast ideas or how to use some of the Hammer Strength gear, someone can help…it’s a matter of speaking up or even emailing through ( and we will do everything we can to make life easier.

    Ummm.  It takes time.

    There is 100% no point in comparing yourself to other people who’ve been working out on a regular basis for years.  I know – you look at the person next to you and think ‘Hey – they look much the same as me – if they can do it, I can do it’.  You might not be aware they have been doing it every day for YEARS – they have a well developed training history and their musculature system, aerobic system, whatever is conditioned to perform those movements.  They might make something look easy – that doesn’t mean it IS easy.  You are STILL a beginner – every time you try a new exercise or technique you are a BEGINNER – and you need to take your time and understand that achieving that movement could take a bit of time!

    That’s it!

    Looking forward to the week – bike races and bench press tomorrow!

    See you in the gym,



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