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    Cheers to everyone who came and trained with us last week.  There has sure been a ‘rocky’ start to the month with illness and what not but it really felt like February had finally STARTED with the numbers in the gym really pumping along.  A special note to all the 28-days-later crew – STICK AT IT.  The hard part is done…all that is standing between you and an amazing result on the 28th is a bit of complacency!  Be strong!

    I had a blog planned out today but have reversed field a little bit as I want to write about a couple of things that have happened over the past couple of days.  First off, this morning I was off running all over Bold Park with the footy boys – which is bloody hard and those hills are really too steep to run up over and over again – and afterwards I was chatting to a couple of them about how they found it…the perspective was pretty similar to mine every day:

    “It was really hard when I was doing it but now I just feel great that I worked through to the end”.

    And yesterday afternoon I was back at the gym (I worked right through the morning so couldn’t train) and one of our members dropped in to say hello/lend a hand with whatever I was doing seeing my car in the carpark late’ish on a Saturday afternoon.  They were surprised to finding me rowing, saying “You don’t need to do any extras, do you?”.

    Well.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But I get stressed out and overwhelmed by things as much as anyone.  And there aren’t too many things in life that really allow me to close off the part of my brain that gets stressed out and just ‘BE’/relax.  The main one is training with my friends at lunchtime a few times per week.  It used to be every day but lately due to some staff changes it tends to be “3 maybe 4” rather than ‘5’ times each week!  I mean, I am up at 4am every day Mon-Sat to get to the gym running classes/PT sessions by 5am.  Between Monday and Friday I have work commitments (Round 1 or Football) that keep me busy until pretty much 9pm each day.  Days are L-O-N-G.  The days when I have to miss my workout, I really battle to stay awake and motivated (motivating??) in the evenings and being encouraging, positive and just “UP” are important parts of my job.

    Not only that – you may have noticed we have expanded the gym recently and taken on just over an extra $12K per month of expenses…you may have also noticed that we probably aren’t getting in an extra $12K per month of revenue.  Stress about paying wages, paying the rent etc is very real – but just sitting and staring at spreadsheets doesn’t ultimately SOLVE anything…getting out in the gym, getting my heart rate up and doing a bit of something ACTIVE does seem to give me a different (better) perspective on those problems and it is amazing the number of times ideas and solutions ‘come to me’ between 2pm and 4pm – the first couple of hours after I have done some ‘hard, physical exercise’.

    I am sure everyone has their own story to tell.  For me, my sessions at Round 1 are 60-70% staying on top of things mentally, giving me the energy I need to work 15-16 hours each day…30-40% staying in ‘shape’ and trying hard not to join the ranks of people putting on 10kgs every 10 years after they turn 40.  For me, the mental benefits, the boost in energy I get by training each day – those things are far more beneficial than the physical stuff.

    Like the picture at the top says – “Life is stressful. Therapy is EXPENSIVE.  Punching bags are good listeners”.

    See you in the gym,



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