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    Hi Everyone,

    Back before COVID we used to do quite a bit of banded work, particularly in the Function Fitness classes.  The bands were used for all different kinds of things – we used them for accessory work like tri-extensions, face pulls, lateral holds, static squats, banded walks etc. and they were also used by people as an assistance aid for pull-ups.

    When COVID struck a quick look at the bands revealed how ‘gross’ they actually get.  They get ‘wrapped around’ each person as they use them and are continuously grimy and dirty and so we decided ‘no more banded work’ – basically the disinfecting strategy we used on the rest of the equipment really didnt seem to ‘clean’ the bands – the rubber surface remained sticky and looked dirty ALL the time.  Cleaning the hard surface of a kettlebell is one thing – cleaning the ‘soft’ surface of a ‘sticky’ rubber band seems something else again.

    So – things are slowly changing and whilst we are not prepared to go back to ‘shared’ bands, we DO want to go back to utilising bands in class if possible.  So – here’s what we are doing.

    We will go back to programming the banded work – particularly banded accessory work – in class.

    IF you have a band, you can obviously do the ‘banded work’.  If you don’t have a band, we will provide alternative programming for you.

    You can source the bands wherever you like – they are starting to be more available in the shops now.  Over the COVID/post-COVID period the whole world seemed to ‘sell out’ of exercise equipment, however I have recently found them at both Rebel Sport and at K-Mart…so if you want bands you can probably source them at a retail outlet.  We have also ordered in a number of bands that you can purchase them from the gym – our range is relatively limited but we have tried to cover the ‘most common’ bases – in stock we have light bands (2cm – think the old ‘yellow’ ones) and medium (3cm – think the old ‘red’ ones!).  Regardless of size, the bands are $15.

    Again – these are not compulsory and we will continue to provide alternative programming however it would be a good idea to add a band or two to your gym bag!

    See you in the gym,



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