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    Individual targets in a group training session, Timetable updates

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Last week was a great week of sessions – I certainly really enjoyed the session on Friday (with the ‘4 minute rounds) and Wednesday (lot’s of speed ball, lot’s of skipping) a lot…but I could have done without the running in the Wednesday session J.  I don’t know how everyone else feels, but it seems to me that there is one part of every class that just ‘gets’ me – in the legs, in the shoulders, wherever.  There is always one thing…and sometimes more than that.

    I have been making a real effort lately – though some people who have joined me in the classes on Sunday morning might laugh at the next comment – to be positive about the things I don’t like by setting myself mini-challenges during the round.  For example I hate doing Russian Twists with the medicine ball – but now that I have been aiming to do 50 in each minute, I have something else to focus on other than how much I hate doing Russian Twists.  It has really been helping me and might be something you might like to try.

    Along similar lines, I also had some interesting feedback from one of the members last week that he finds he works a LOT harder during the classes when he is given a specific target to achieve by the trainers than when things are left up to him…for example, when told he needs to do 20 hooks, he does them hard, fast and strong.  When told ‘knockout punches’, he hesitates, assesses what he will do next, and then works into it.  Since that conversation, I have been paying a bit more attention to what I do when the ‘knock out’ call comes – and I found that I also hesitate and assess before getting ‘stuck in’.  Not only that, I also found that I hesitate every 20-30 punches waiting for the call to ‘Relax’.

    So – I have implemented a new plan (for myself) when the ‘knock out’ call comes along.  This means fifty (50) punches as hard as I can – then count to ‘3’.  If the ‘relax’ call does not come, another 50.  I figure all this could mean is that I do a little bit of extra – which will only help me lose those extra 3kgs before Christmas and (hopefully) knock another 20 seconds or so off my time for the November challenge.

    Gym Update #1

    Just a quick note on the class timetable changes implemented last week.  One week in I have been very happy with the response and most people seem to appreciate the more ‘consistent’ nature of the schedule.  I understand that there have been a few people disappointed in the moves – I hoped this wouldn’t happen but expected that it would…remember though there are still a lot of classes on offer across a wide range of times.  After one phone call from a casual gym user who was upset by the timetable changes, I did a bit of a search around to see what the competition are offering in terms of their group training schedule just to triple check that the changes implemented haven’t short-changed our members – a summary of what I found has been posted below:

    • Good Life (Bibra Lake) offers 48 classes in 34 different time-slots.
    • South Lake Leisure Centre offers 40 classes in 40 different time-slots.
    • Round 1 Fitness (us) offer 54 classes in 54 unique time-slots.

    I simply gathered up the class timetables off the internet and counted the sessions and times for anyone who is curious where the data came from.

    So not only do we offer more sessions than the others, but we provide sessions at a wider range of times…I feel comfortable in saying that the range and value we are offering our members is unique in the market, particularly when you consider our ‘Boxing for Fitness’ class changes every single day – you will ALWAYS get a different session and will therefore ALWAYS challenge your body in a new way.

    Gym Update #2

    This week marks the end of the November challenge circuit – Tuesday is the last day to have a go at the challenge and get a time recorded on the board.  I have been super impressed with the effort and commitment shown by a number of members who have worked diligently throughout the month to get their time down.

    As for me, I have one more attempt in me I think – and whilst I think the best time recorded by Ian Board is out of my reach – I mean, 5 minutes 56 is simply unbelievable – to big Todd Kovacevich I say ‘I might be 20 years older than you, but that doesn’t mean I am slower!’…I want to get under 6 minutes 44.

    Gym Update #3

    For those people who didn’t pick up the note about the theft from the gym this week, please be careful with your valuables.  In particular, don’t leave anything of value visible through the windows of your car – what happened last Monday just goes to show that there are some pretty unscrupulous people around who have noted when our classes run and how long they go for.

    Gym Update #4

    Sleeveless t-shirts on the way!  In the next few weeks, some ‘Round 1 Fitness’ sleeveless t’s will be delivered to the gym and will be available for sale.  These will be available in any color you like, just as long as you like RED with a big ‘Round 1 Fitness’ logo on the front.

    I am still finalising the costs for these with the supplier, but expect to be able to offer them for somewhere between $23 and $30 (hopefully towards the lower end) when they become available.  I have also sourced some SupaTuff training tops in black and gold – these will be available for $20 within the next week or so.

    Christmas Opening Hours

    No changes to the plan announced in last weeks blog.

    • Christmas Eve:  Classes as normal until 6pm.  (5pm class will be the last class to run).
    • Christmas Day/Boxing Day:  Closed.
    • Christmas Day Holiday (December 27th):  Closed.
    • Boxing Day Holiday (December 28th):  Open Public Holiday Hours (9am – 1pm).
    • New Years Eve:  Classes as normal until 6pm.  (5pm class will be the last class to run).
    • New Years Day:  Closed.

    I really would appreciate some feedback on what is being proposed – what I am trying to do is keep the gym open and available to people who want to train whilst also taking a couple of days off to spend with my own family.

    Don’t Forget your Raffle Tickets

    Remember the Christmas Raffle is still underway…every time you come to the gym you are entitled to a ticket.  Also remember you will receive a ticket for every month remaining on your membership on the date of the draw – and if you refer a new member you will also receive a ticket for every month of THEIR membership.

    Friends of Round 1 Fitness

    Wicked Wix ( are having an open night / 30% off sale just in time for Christmas.  So, if you are stuck for presents to buy this Christmas, head over to the Wicked Wix open night – 4pm è 8:30pm this coming Wednesday – it is in the block of units right next door to the gym so you could even just walk over after doing a class.

    I would like to make this section a regular part of the blog – so if you are a member and have a business you would like to promote, let me know and I will be happy to include a note in the blog.

    Link of the week

    I have had some comments in the past that people appreciate the links and videos I have sent out as part of previous updates – so I thought I might try and include one training related link in the blog every week.  This week, I would like to direct you to one of my favourite training / conditioning / boxing sites– Ross Boxing (  I have been reading this site for several years now and just love the guys approach to training and life – if you don’t want to look through the site I understand, but I would encourage you to have a look at one of his training video’s on YouTube – this one ( ) is a good example of the sort of things he does.

    Final Notes

    The Christmas season is with us – as December rolls around so too do the yearly invites to work functions as well as events with family and friends – just remember that enjoying life and being socially active is important but don’t completely neglect your training – have a read of the previous blog ( if you want some ideas on how to enjoy the season without undoing months of hard work!

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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