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    How many times should I come to the gym every week?

    Hi Everyone and welcome to a new (shorter) week!

    As we are getting towards some warmer weather – and a few more people  are finding their way out of winter hibernation and into the gym – I  am being asked one question more than any other:

    ‘How many times should I come to the gym every week?’

    Unfortunately this is one question I really can’t answer – except  with another question:

    ‘What are you hoping to achieve?’.

    The time honored theory with exercise has been that if you do  something once each week, you are in ‘maintenance’ mode.  Meaning if  you are training once per week you (probably) wont go backwards, but  it is unlikely that you will go forwards either.  If you do something  twice a week, you are still in maintenance mode but can look forward  to making some progress – with the sessions at Round 1 Fitness this will  most likely be reflected by your shoulders and triceps showing a  little more definition, as well as improved sleep patterns and energy  levels.  Three times per week?  Now you are beginning to get  somewhere – you are really in the ‘progress’ zone and if you are  hoping to lose a bit of weight, add some definitions to your abs and  all those sorts of things, then – depending on how much effort you  put in during the classes – this is really where you need to be.

    And this is really where the answer to the original question can be  found.   The first part is to make sure whenever you are in the gym  that you have a real go at things – go as hard as you can for as long  as you can and really lay things on the line.  If you set your body a  challenge you will be amazed at how well it responds.  The second  part is to make sure that you just get there.  We all have to battle  with the little voice that tells us we don’t have time, or are  feeling tired, or there is no point leaving home now because we might  be 2-minutes late, or we have an early meeting tomorrow and therefore  need to get some extra rest tonight (but watching TV is apparently
    OK?), or it is too hot, or you cant find your socks, or…the  arguments are endless. Just ignore the voice and get there.  You will  be amazed at how much better you feel once you just get started – and  how much energy you will get from watching the other people in the  class just getting stuck into it!

    And if you take this approach, you wont need to ask how many times  you need to come to the gym to get results – you will be seeing the  results every time you look in the mirror which will encourage you to  get back to the gym!

    Two other things before I sign-off.

    1. The 50%-off special for the 10-Round Pass ($50 for 10-classes)  ends this Thursday – September 30th.  If you want to take advantage  of this special, please get into the gym and sign-up before then.  It  is a great deal (and one I doubt I can repeat) so if you want to kick  off your summer get fit plan at half the normal price, this is your  last chance.
    2. As the temperatures continued to rise last week, our plans to  install some fans in the gym have been moved forward from the end of  October to next week.  One of our members – David Peisley from ‘Dave  Andrews Electrical Service’ will be doing the work for us this coming  Thursday – we have 5 large wall mounted fans going it to get the air  moving.  If you need any electrical work done in your home or work- place, I am sure David will be happy to help you out and he can be  contacted on 0433 898 525 or via email on

    That’s it from me for now – see you in the gym!



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