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    Home Workout: Tuesday, April 21st

    Hey Team,

    The ‘At Home’ workout for TUESDAY is UP and ready to go.

    Just in case too much running isn’t enough.  Just in case too many overhead squats aren’t enough.  Here we are with our third big conditioning challenge in a row!

    We have a very similar workout to the one we just completed on Sunday – but the running distance is ‘backed off’ from 400m to 250m…so it is almost an exact replica of what we completed back on March 29th.

    If you are bike-riding rather than running, please complete 500m on the bike – but stay OUT of the saddle.

    Please warmup before you start – just like yesterday we are running again today so some basic activation work (high knees, butt kicks) plus maybe a run through of the Worlds’ Greatest Stretch would be perfect!!!  If you wanted to add some yoga work – particularly some downward dogs – well, great idea!!!


    Good Luck!

    See you guys soon,



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