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    Home Workout: Tuesday, March 24th

    So…welcome to the morning after!

    Not sure about you guys but I am suffering a bit of trauma with the closure of the gym and today’s workout is just the thing we all need!

    I had hoped to have some video with this one (and I still might) but given it is just after 9pm as I type this and we have been trying to sort out memberships since the end of the 6am class, well…that might need to wait until the morning.

    Today’s workout is COOL.

    Either run or ride – either way push nice and hard.

    With the pushups hold at the bottom for a CLEAR 1-2 count, knees to elbows you can either do laying on the ground in ‘alternating’ style or hanging from the pull-up bar…the lunges are TOTAL reps.

    5 efforts.  The ‘burn’ seriously comes from how hard you work in the run/bike effort so I hope you have a real go!

    I’m hoping the craziness of today’s admin work trying to freeze everyone’s accounts etc gives way to a more normal day and the much promised video is up ‘in advance’ of you getting underway tomorrow…

    I am also hoping to do a quick run through of the Functional Fitness class in a video so those with the capacity to do it can do so with at least a little bit of guidance.


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