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    Home Workout: Thursday, April 2nd

    Hey Team,

    The ‘At Home’ workout for Thursday is UP and ready to go. You can find the video HERE:


    All TABATA, All the TIME.  This means we are going flat out for 20 seconds – as many as you can – then complete rest for 10 seconds.  I don’t mind whether you do all the burpees in one hit THEN all the squats or alternated between one effort of burpees and one effort of squats.

    Remember how I said that yesterday’s workout worked in well with my brain?  Well, today’s not so much…anytime I have an ‘as many as you can’ workout I tend to take a ‘that was enough’ approach…don’t be like me.  Push it to the end.

    Finish up with a little core rotation.  3x sets of 30 secs left side bridge, 30 secs right side, 60 secs front bridge.

    See you guys soon,



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