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    Home Workout: Thursday, April 16th

    Hey Team,

    The ‘At Home’ workout for THURSDAY is UP and ready to go. You can find the video HERE:

    This is the workout for THURSDAY, April 16th.

    *** Street Shuffles ***

    Before you start, set up two markers (bricks work, shoes work etc) 10m Apart.  To complete the SHUFFLE, sprint forward for 10m then backwards for 10m – repeat until the 40 seconds is up!

    Today’s workout itself is an alternating Every Minute on the minute workout (for 20 minutes):

    m1:  40 seconds of 10m Shuffles Efforts – Sprint forwards 10m, Sprint BACKWARDS 10m (hand touches the ground at each end)

    m2:  3/6/9 Burpees, Pushups, Squats

    Continue until 20mins is up.

    I really want you to ‘SPRINT’ during the Street Shuffles – drive hard and focus on getting off the line quickly.  Rest after 40-seconds.  These are ‘SHUFFLES’ (so forward and back) and not ‘shuTTles’

    In M2 – do the reps quickly then rest until the bell…you should have no issue getting the burpees/pushups/squats completed and having 20 seconds to rest.

    Please warmup before you start – I don’t want any quad or calf injuries during the sprint efforts.

    Good Luck!

    See you guys soon,



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