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    Home Workout: Thursday, March 19th

    Here is the At Home workout for Thursday, March 19th 2020.

    It’s SALLY DAY!!!

    So – Everyone (sorry, EVERYONE!!) who comes to the gym knows ‘SALLY’.

    When you ‘Bring Sally UP’ – YOU go up.  When you ‘Bring Sally Down’ – YOU go down.

    Today we are going to OUT-SALLY ourselves – and we are going to do the song FIVE (yes, 5!) times.  You can choose from the following options:

    ·      Squats

    ·      Burpees

    ·      Leg Raises

    ·      Pushups

    ·      Split-Squats (Left)

    ·      Split-Squats (Right)

    ·      Reverse Crunches

    ·      Fence Pulls

    ·      Situps

    Here’s where you guys say – well, that isn’t FIVE TIMES, that’s NINE (9) TIMES.  You know, “NINE TIMES”:

    Now, I’m 100% not saying do it NINE (9) times (but you can if you want)…just choose the FIVE (5) you want to do and go from there…

    “What’s the song?” you ask.  Well, it’s called ‘FLOWER’ and it is by Moby.  Here it is here:





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