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    Home Workout: Sunday, March 29th

    Hey Team,

    The ‘At Home’ workout for Sunday is UP and ready to go. You can find the video HERE:
    Today’s workout is one that I first uncovered reading one of Dan John’s books (search for him on Amazon!) over 10-years ago – only I can’t remember which one (he has written quite a number of training books with ‘Mass Made Simple’ probably the most famous).  I did take some time searching through my kindle library to try and find the ‘right’ book in order to correctly reference…but without success…All of that aside, credit where it’s due…this is a Dan John workout.
    I am going to post a bit more about these workouts in the blog tomorrow but I hope everyone understands that (with the exception of the Saturday ‘have some fun’ workout) we are trying to make this a PLAN for ongoing improvement and not just a series of ‘get sweaty’ workouts.  After all, we don’t know when we will be back in the gym so we might as well keep trying to move forward!


    See you guys soon,



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