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    Home Workout: Friday, May 8th

    Hey Team,

    Our Daily Workout for Friday (May 8th) is up and available on the website:

    FRIDAY is ICT day (or circuit training).

    Today’s session is a bit of fun and you need a deck of cards – here’s what we are going to do.  Deal a card – red cards = Squats, black cards = pushups.  Whatever number is on the card – do the reps!  Jack/King/Queen = 10, Ace = 1, Joker = 200m Run.  Set yourself a time target (20minutes?) or challenge yourself to finish the deck!


    The Video Link for this workout – which includes full exercise demos –  can be found in the above blog post link and will be live from 6pm Perth Time!!!

    Stay Safe – See you all soon!


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