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    Home Workout: Friday, March 20th

    Here is the At Home workout for Friday, March 20th 2020.

    You are going to want to pace yourself a bit here!

    Two of the exercises – Pull-ups and Burpees – are in VERY challenging set counts…so a nice steady pace is the way to get through them.  With the pull-ups – or scale down to fence pulls as needed – break them down into manageable sets of somewhere between 5+10 and ‘manage’ your rest (as in, count to 10 seconds and start again, don’t just ‘stand there’ and rest forever!).

    When it comes to the burpees, 20 is a lot if you are trying to go all helter skelter so just a ‘steady’ pace with minimal rest will be better than doing 10-12 ‘flat out’ and ‘blowing up’…

    3-sets through.  Maybe kick it all off with a few minutes skipping so you can make the first 400m run ‘count’ by pushing nice and hard rather than having to it as a warm-up.



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