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    Gym Hygiene – Are You Doing YOUR Bit??

    Hi Team,

    We are approaching the 12-month anniversary of the infamous gym ‘scourge’ of 2019 – where literally DOZENS of gym goers and their immediate families were ‘wiped out’ by some kind of gastro super bug – and I just wanted to remind everyone that we all have a part to play.

    We do a pretty good job of enforcing the ‘no towel, no train’ rules (and let’s face it, gym towels are $5 so there really is NO EXCUSE) but having a towel and ‘using it’ are not the same thing.  Yes, you must have it with you.  But before you get off the bike/SPARC, wipe it down…it takes 2-seconds.  If you use a wall-ball/dead-ball and sweat all over it?  Wipe it over…again, it takes 2-seconds.

    Anyways…I don’t want to go on about this as I think most people do a pretty good job, but a little bit of extra care and vigilance certainly couldn’t go astray.  After all, no-one wants a repeat of the outbreak we all lived through last year!

    See you in the gym,



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