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    Grounding Practices for a Calmer Life!

    Stress is a part of everyday life for everyone and it is something that can’t be avoided. Some stressors are larger than others but no matter how big or small, they all build up if not properly dealt with. Some people have developed mechanisms for dealing with it but most people could benefit from learning and implementing stress management techniques.

    Firstly, what causes stress? Well, the list is endless and changes to each individual. Some stay true for everyone. Lack of Sleep. A long and taxing day at work. Poor nutrition and water intake… Something as simple as not breathing or bad posture can add to it too.

    So, what can we do?

    Well, the obvious ones are to sleep more, drink more water and look after the food you are eating. But to go beyond that – find things that fill your cup.

    Things that you know make you feel good and feel alive. 

    That might be drawing or singing… It might be going for a surf or reading a book. Whatever they are, write them down. Make a list of 10 minimum and make half of them things that you don’t do everyday but would like to do more of. Add a few things in there that make you think, feel or allow you to touch base with yourself… Something reflective. Something a little out of your comfort zone. 

    Find a way to keep track of your practices… I wrote mine on a whiteboard and put it on the fridge. Somewhere visible that you see everyday. Somewhere that will keep you accountable. 


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