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    Functional Fitness Programming – September to December

    Hey Team,

    As all of our Funky Fit athletes are aware, we are currently in the final week of our current training block and will be moving into the ‘next stage’ over the next week/10-days.  We have two training blocks remaining this year:

    Next Phase:  4-5 Weeks of Hypertrophy work with some Olympic Lifting (Power Snatch/Clean)

    Final Phase:  (From mid October) 9-10 Weeks of ‘HEAVY’ primary lifts.

    For the next phase (hypertrophy) is a little challenging to provide a ‘simplified’ week-by-week breakdown for (you know, the sort of thing that says we will do sets of 6 on the week of the 19th September the way you like Simon) because we are playing around a bit with some ‘variety’ in our rep schemes + movement patterns…that said I will have another look at things later this week and try and figure out a way to create a summary table.  In a slightly extended format though, THIS is what we have in store:


    Main Lifts:  3-REP Back Squat, 3-REP Overhead Press, (Continue build of both) Hang Power Snatch and Power Clean.

    This phase focuses on hypertrophic training for both Back Squat and Strict Press.   What this means is that we will see some higher volume work and more variation week to week as opposed to the more linear strength cycles we are all used to, but if you set aside your love for the ‘this week we do sets of 8, next week we do sets of 6 (but heavier)” and just go with it, I have no doubt it will lead you straight to the land of GAINZ! 

    In addition, we will also be continuing to dedicate time to the two olympic lifts from our previous cycle – Hang Power Snatch and Power Clean.  Even though we have seen these lifts throughout the year we will now allow them to take more of a centre stage with more complexes and practice work. 

    Conditioning wise, the focus will be all about INTENSITY and going fast! Athletes will see 2-3 workouts built around pushing the pace in a shorter time domain. Last phase worked on getting a better understanding of pacing (a lot of AMRAP style work) so that as they transition into this phase everyone can take that knowledge and start to ramp up their intensity since they won’t be working with repeating sets. 

    Rather than leave it there, as this next ‘block’ is relatively short I wanted to try and give you a bit of a window view into the final training block of the year.

    Main Lifts (GOING HEAVY): Back Squat, Front Squat, Push Press, Deadlift.

    The final phase of 2022 looks amazing! We are targeting 2-Rep heavies across our strength lifts (see the list above) and taking all we have developed conditioning wise to this point and learning how to better distribute our energy across moderate and longer workouts. This is going to be a leg heavy phase with the Back Squat, Deadlift, AND Front Squat…we are all going to finish the year with legs the size of tree trunks. 

    Now, because I love the idea of being ‘FIT’, the conditioning work is also very exciting to me.  To kick the year off, we developed our base level capacity THEN during the following months we first worked on the CONSISTENCY of our efforts (EMOM focus) before building the INTENSITY of our efforts and really learning HOW to push (AMRAP focus).  This final phase takes all that experience and hopes to show everyone how to push/sustain/stay conservative/get faster as they go with moderate workout lengths and longer workout lengths. This will effectively put a lovely bow on our year of training together and I cannot wait to see the progress everyone makes!

    See you in the gym,



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