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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great week of classes last week.  For those of us who were feeling a bit ‘precious’ post- Fun Run, Monday was not much fun and Tuesday (how I hate those stupid ‘frog jumps’) was even worse…Wednesday, Thursday and Friday simply passed in a blaze (haze?) of burpees, pain and a few more burpees!

    The week ahead is a bit of a momentous one for me – Monday will mark the first day since the gym opened that I won’t be taking the 6am (and 7am) classes.  I have not tried to work out how many consecutive sessions I have been at (200?  250??  300???) but it really has been a ‘in sickness and in health’ experience and I have to admit to really looking forward to seeing those 6am regulars who drag themselves out of bed three, four or even five times each week.

    Anyway, Sean will be in the chair this coming Monday at 6am whilst I am away in Darwin with the State u18’s side and I am sure he will do a terrific job (as he always does) though a part of me wishes I could be there just to see what kind of condition someone who I am sure lists ‘sleeping’ as a hobby is in at 6am!

    Anyway – on with the blog for the week.  I have included a few tips on training in winter when it is cold and dark outside in the ‘mailbag’ section of the blog for anyone who is looking for my usual ramblings!

    Gym Update #1

    –         The Kettlebells have arrived.  The Kettlebells have arrived.  There have been a few questions about ‘WHEN’ we will start using them in the classes…as with everything, the answer is ‘soon’.  I am just spending a bit of time using them myself at the moment (haven’t done much of this for a couple of years) before throwing them at the rest of you…I have tentative plans to introduce some simple drills using them in the later part of this week all going well.

    Gym Update #2

    –         A very quick update about the 20kg barbells promised a while back.  They have been on back order with the supplier and I received news today (Friday) that they will not arrive until the middle of June.  Apologies for the delay here – I am as keen as anyone to see the new equipment in the gym.


    Question this week about training now the weather has ‘turned’:

    Feeling extra hard to get motivated in the winter.  Dark, colder mornings make it \’seem\’ nearly impossible to get up for an early class.  Also seems easier to wrap up in a blanket at night in front of the television, rather than make an effort to get to the gym.  Any tips on how to beat the \’winter sluggishness\’ would be fantastic.

    Well, I think that is a great question and I managed to come up with a ‘LIST’ of things that might help:

    1. Jump on the Round 1 Fitness website or Facebook group.  Find one of the video links on there and watch it for a few minutes…get yourself in the mood to train.
    2. Tell someone – anyone – that you are going to the gym today.  Call the gym if you need to, ask a question about the class and let us know you are on your way…or ask me to text you 20 minutes before the class starts.  Do something to make you accountable for your actions.
    3. Turn the TV OFF (or go into another room) and put some music on.  Whatever it is that gets your blood pumping will do just fine.  Movement leads to action – lying on the lounge chair?  That leads to more lying on the lounge chair!
    4. Arrange to meet someone at the gym.  This isn’t too good as a ‘last minute’ motivator (they might not be available) but if you know you are struggling with motivation because of the cold, make the arrangements in advance.  Like the earlier suggestion, this just makes you accountable.
    5. Make sure your goals are visible – put them somewhere that you can’t help but see them (and read them EVERY day) so that you will be reminded WHY you should just get out there and train.
    6. Imagine the feeling you will have when the scheduled start time ticks over and you are still on the bed/on the couch.  I am sure the feeling will be one of guilt and disappointment – it certainly will not be a feeling of pride and satisfaction.  Remember what it is that you stand for – action or inaction?
    7. Imagine yourself being nice and relaxed during the spring/summer months – doing your 3-4 sessions per week but already at goal weight/fitness…as opposed to having to squeeze in a training session every day in order to ‘squeeze’ into your bathers.
    8. Go to the gym with a plan to do something specific – rather than just heading along to do a class, set yourself a couple of extra targets for the week.  This is where looking at the website and checking the videos can be helpful – from this week you might set yourself to try the glute training program or the kettlebell workout.  Knowing that you have a little challenge to complete is a good way to get motivated.

    Reading back through the list (and I am sure I have missed 15 obvious reasons) it kind of struck me that they are all good reasons/motivators for training at ANY time of year…but if one of them helps you get out of bed when it is cold and dark well that is just fantastic!

    Facebook Highlights

    For anyone who is a member of the Round 1 Fitness ‘Facebook Group’ you would have noticed I have been trying to make it a little more ‘active’ lately.  If you aren’t a member of the group (or are, but haven’t checked it out lately), here are a few highlights from the week:

    Click HERE to connect to our Facebook group and get involved in the conversation.

    May Challenge Update

    Great to see a few more names on the board…would still like to see a few more (and there is STILL time).

    Today (I am typing on Friday 27th) I had another go…and managed to improve my score by a measly 10metres – from 1.76km to 1.77km.  It was kind of deflating to be lying on the ground in utter exhaustion having recorded such a small improvement, but on reflection it was well worth it.  I had a real go and went flat out at something for 12-minutes.  I remained focussed on the goal (finishing), pushed aside a lot of negative thoughts about how hard it was and how I could try again next week and got it done.

    It is hard to measure the impact of sessions like this on your overall health and fitness levels, but I do think that anytime you really challenge yourself good things will result.

    Call to Arms – Fun Runners!

    OK – with the ‘Run for a Reason’ event ‘out of the way’ it is time to look ahead to the ‘City to Surf’.  Everyone from the gym who completed the run last weekend had a terrific time and really exceeded their performance expectations…I would encourage everyone to think about challenging themselves and get involved in what is regarded the best ‘Fun Run’ in Perth.

    Check the run website for details.

    Member Profiles

    Well, the first ‘full’ profile (and by that I mean complete with a photo) went up this week and it really does add a lot to the website.  The stories and advice offered by the Round 1 members far exceeds anything I have to offer and I would just like to thank everyone who has made a submission so far.

    I will be adding a new profile every week (or as I collect photos!) over the next few weeks and look forward to making a whole heap of great information available to everyone.

    As always, if you are interested in doing a profile, please let me know…the more the merrier.

    Link of the week

    I guess it was predictable, but I have included a kettlebell video this week…it is a simple training routine which really gets a good ‘burn’ going and – as you will see from the tape – is suitable for girls and guys!

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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