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    Food Matters Tip of the Week #6

    This week is all about Brekky.  I feel like every time we run a challenge that includes food – particularly 1 that includes BREAKFAST – we get a whole heap of ‘bog standard’ reasons about why some people are unable to making eating a ‘proper’ breakfast part of their daily routine.  Most of these excuses come down to 1 of 2 pretty simple things:

    1/.  Between getting ready for work, getting the kids off to school, making lunches for the family etc etc anything more than a hunk of bread/toast with vegemite is too much of an ask.

    2/.  I’m just not hungry in the morning.

    Well…here is where I tell you that both of those reasons are really just excuses and here is why.

    – You aren’t hungry for a pretty simple reason.  Your body is so used to NOT eating each morning that it just isn’t ready to eat.  In order to change that, the next step is a pretty simple one…start eating breakfast in the morning (even if it is just a small portion) and gradually build it up to where you are eating ‘properly’.  In this way, you wont be susceptible to morning runs to the cafe, wont be snacking after lunch, wont be feeling tired in the afternoon because your body will be adequately fueled for the day.

    – You have heaps of time in the morning IF you make your brekky in advance.  This might be something as easy as overnight oats, it might be bacon and egg cups, it might be a big pot of stove cooked porridge with berries and protein. it might be a frittata…use your imagination as the options are almost boundless.  If your ‘proper’ breakfast is waiting for you when you get out of bed, running out of time wont be an issue.

    Easy Prep for Cheat of the week

    Easy – pre make your brekky this week.  Try one thing.  Overnight oats are easy to make (and super quick).  For bacon and egg cups, just put a slice of bacon (formed into a cup), some english spinach and an egg into a muffin tray and put it in a medium oven for 30-40 minutes, make a big pot of porridge (you can even pre-serve the portions into lunch-boxes to make it even easier)…make what you WANT to eat and give it a go.

    Food Matters Challenge of the Week.

    I guess this week’s challenge is wrapped up in this week’s ‘CHEAT’.  Try eating a ‘pre-cooked’ breakfast for 3x days this week.  Give it a go!

    Recipe of the Week

    Tamari Chicken

    Who would have thought – someone who doesn’t eat much chicken doing chicken recipes two weeks in a row…oh well, here goes.

    Watcha need.

    • A chicken
    • A ‘knob’ of ginger about as long as your finger.  Dice it or mince it.
    • 5-6 garlic cloves.  Again, dice or mince depending on your preference.
    • 1 green chilli – diced
    • 1 red chilli – diced
    • 1 yellow capsicum – diced
    • 1 spanish onion – diced
    • 1 cup of chicken stock (the ‘better’ the stock the better the meal)
    • 2 Tablespoons of your favourite tamari sauce
    • 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil

    How You do it?

    Rinse the chicken in cold water (of course) and stick it in a baking tray. Mix all of the spices together – yes, including the tamari, coconut oil and the onion – and saute the whole lot until the chilli and onion softens.  Allow it to cool (you need to use your hands next so be smart) and when it is ‘room temperature’ rub it all over and through your chicken.  When you are done, take all of the marinade out of the bottom of the baking tray and stuff it all inside the chicken.

    Stick the whole thing in the fridge until tomorrow – or, if you are cooking for today – for a good few hours.  Unfortunately this recipe needs a bit of time for best results – so make it today to cook and eat tomorrow!  It is pretty easy prep (throw spices in a pan and rub them on the chicken) so you can easily do this as a ‘side task’ whilst putting together tonights dinner!

    To cook it, pull it out of the fridge and pour the stock in the bottom of the pan.  Let it rest for 15 minutes or so, then put it in the oven at around 200 degrees or so.  In my experience, this will take somewhere between around an hour and 90 minutes depending on how big a chicken it is.  When it is done, allow it to rest for 15 minutes or so before you serve.

    Use your imagination with side dishes but some broccoli or green beens and maybe some baked sweet potato sound pretty good to me.


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