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    Food Matters Tip of the Week #3

    Know your protein.

    So – this one is tricky.  Taking a general sample of people, I would ‘generally’ say that a lot of boys eat too much protein – whilst a lot of girls are scared of it and don’t eat enough.  One thing that is pretty generally agreed upon is that most people who are participating in a program similar to what we run at Round 1 3-4 times each week need about 1.2g of protein per 1kg of body weight (well, girls need about 10-15% LESS than that – so 1g).  If you drop down into the sedentary category and stop exercising, well, you drop your protein down to the ‘standard’ 0.8g of protein per day.  If you ever wondered why you put weight on when you stop training, it is often because you keep eating the same quantity of protein as you did when you were training…in other words, it probably isn’t the broccoli that is causing any weight gain you might be experiencing.

    Where it gets tricky is that if you weigh 80kgs, that doesn’t mean you eat 80×1.2 = 96grams of beef each day.  It doesn’t work like that because – funnily enough – beef is 100% beef but NOT 100% protein.  The little list below shows you some common foods and the quantities needed to get 10g of protein!

    • 35 g lean beef, lamb or pork (cooked weight)
    • 40 g lean chicken (cooked weight)
    • 2 Eggs
    • 50 g grilled fish

    So…to get that 96g of protein I referred to above, that same 80kg male might want to eat:

    • 2x Eggs for breakfast (10g), AND;
    • 120g Chicken for lunch (30g), AND;
    • 175g Beef for dinner (50g)

    I know that is 90g rather than 96g but I am sure you are getting the idea which is that one gram of meat is NOT one gram of protein…and besides, if you were to do something simple like add a glass of milk to the above food list you would be DONE with your protein requirements for the day.

    Now, if you were to actually weigh these things out you might be a little bit surprised at how much (or how little) it is and that is what this week’s ‘Food Matters Challenge of the Week’ is all about.

    The reference list I like to use for this is the one provided by the AIS which you can find here:  AIS Protein Fact Sheet

    Easy Prep for Cheat of the week

    There is no easy prep cheat this week…to get through this little protein journey, you need to undertake the ‘Challenge of the Week’ (look below) and I am not going to tell you it is easy…it means you need to pull out your kitchen scales and actually weigh a little bit of food so you can understand exactly how much (or how little depending on your perspective!) is enough!

    Food Matters Challenge of the Week.

    A simple one.  Stand on the scales and look at your weight – then looking at the calculation I gave you above, work out HOW MUCH protein you need per day.  Then, spend a little bit of time portioning things out for the day so that for THREE (3) days you eat EXACTLY how much is recommended for you…

    After 3 days of doing this, you will have a good idea of whether what you have been eating is TOO MUCH or NOT ENOUGH which will allow you to make some smart decisions going forward…Eat the RIGHT amount of food, get the RIGHT results.

    Recipe of the Week

    Sarah was chomping on a Turkey Burger in the gym last night – which reminded me – I have a great recipe for cooking turkey burgers!  So here we go:

    Turkey Burgers

    Watcha need.

    • 250g of Turkey mince
    • 250g of Chicken mince
    • 1x onion
    • 1x grated apple
    • 1x teaspoon curry powder
    • 1x clove minced garlic
    • 1x diced red capsicum
    • 2x eggs
    • Cracked pepper and sea salt to taste

    How You do it?

    Throw the onion, garlic and capsicum in a pan and cook until the onion is soft.  When it is done, set it aside and allow it to cool down whilst you do the next bit (otherwise if you throw it in the burger mix ‘hot’ it will start to ‘cook’ the egg!).  Throw the mince, eggs and apple all into a large mixing bowl together with the curry powder and any salt and pepper you want to add.  Give them a good mix/mash around with your hands…sometimes you just have to get personally involved.  When you think the mixing is done, mix it all for another 2x minutes!

    When it is all mixed together, throw in the capsicum, onion, garlic mix and really give it all another BIG mix through.  Like I said above, you have to get personally involved.  When you are confident that it is a really ‘even’ mix, put the mix into ‘meatball’ size balls (or if you have a burger maker like I do use that instead).

    Throw the burgers on the pan or on the bbq and cook them through.  If you want them to brown up on the outside, give each burger a light coating of olive oil before you cook them OR lightly coat the pan/bbq in the oil.  If you are a chilli freak, you can add chilli to the burger mix but for the family conscious cook you are best to add chilli in either diced/fresh or ‘sauce’ form afterwards!



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