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    New SPARTA Classes are GO!

    The new SPARTA classes start in the Strength Gym next week.

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    I’m a bit excited!

    Way, way back when the movie came out and everyone was ooo-ing and aaah-ing about the actors and those of us in the fitness business were spending hours reading the words of Mark Twight and watching “Gym Jones” videos on YouTube EVERYBODY wanted to do the ‘300 workout’.  And look like Gerard Butler.  Or get really close to someone who looked liked Gerard Butler. J

    Until you actually tried the workout and your realised that starting and finishing with a set of 25x strict pull-ups and in between doing sets of 50x deadlifts, pushups, kb clean and press, floor wipers and box jumps (all with ‘heavy’ weights and using a really high box) was going to be really hard…

    Completing such a workout – and of course, the actors did more than just that same session over and over again! – needs strength, power endurance and aerobic fitness.  This sort of training – with giant sets and minimal rest really does challenge you physically and mentally…and if you really ‘push yourself’ has the potential to get you great outcomes (though I have an opinion that some of the actors in the movie just may have used some chemical assistance!) in a short time-frame.

    Our new SPARTA sessions use a similar ‘format’ as the ‘original’ 300-workout.

    BIG SETS of exercises (think 25+ reps of ‘everything’).

    Circuit style training – finish one exercise and immediately start another.

    CHALLENGING Weights (though of course this is scale-able!!!)

    TIME BOUND workouts – Maintaining form, but MOVING QUICKLY.

    SHORT Duration sessions (30-minutes).

    At this point, we have created TWELVE (12) different workouts PLUS a ‘testing’ block AND we will also utilise the ‘Standard’ 300-workout as made famous by Mark Twight and the 300-movie in this program.  I am sure as time goes by, we will add new workouts and plans to keep things fresh -after all, that’s what we do at Round 1! – BUT the plan is still to run a testing ‘week’ every month or thereabouts so regular participants can monitor there progress.  To assist in this, a new ‘TRACK’ (called SPARTA) will be created on our SugarWOD app so that each of you can record your times and performances.

    The sessions kick off next week (Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm, Saturday at 8am) and anyone who has a Strength gym membership is welcome to participate.  If you want to ‘give it a go’, well, you can…a two-week Strength gym upgrade is just $25 for existing Round 1 members (just sign up for that at reception) OR if you aren’t a member then a two-week all-inclusive trial of the gym is $50 (you can sign up for one of them here:

    I’m excited.  Get excited.  30-minute sessions, 3x per week.  Giant sets, challenging workouts.  What’s not to HATE/Love about all of that?

    See you in the gym,




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