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    Do you need Education or to be held Accountable? (Or Both?)

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Hard to believe but the calendar has ticked over to December and 2017 is nearly done.  I am pretty keen to do a retrospective blog but today wont be that day…for the couple of people who mentioned that they enjoyed the ‘look back at the year’ post a couple of years back, well, thanks…I probably would have done one last year as well if I knew you liked it AND if I had thought of it.  Every week feels like a bit of a battle with the blank page as I write this blog and the more suggestions you guys throw at me the better I like it!

    Business before blog though and a big thanks to everyone who trained with us last week particularly but during November in general.  We have seen some amazing class numbers lately – particularly in the mornings – and I have to admit to being so impressed with the consistency and dedication being shown by so many people.  As it turned out, November was our 3rd busiest month (per day) of the year (behind February and October) and we had an extra 22 check-ins per day in November 2017 than we did in November 2016.  I for one am VERY pleased with this and hope it is a reflection of fun classes that are getting people results…together with some focussed, caring dedicated staff of course.

    Still on business stuff and please (please) don’t forget we have two awesome offers going at the moment.  The first is our annual December Challenge (Register HERE! J to get involved) which will help keep you accountable (more on that in a second) during what is a busy social time and the other – for new and returning members – is our ‘’EARLY START” special…join in December, train for FREE until January.  It doesn’t get much better than that!  (Click HERE for more!)

    Right.  I mentioned accountability when referencing the challenge and that is what I wanted to talk about today.  Well, more specifically, I wanted to talk about ‘people’ and how they need help with two (primary) things when they are trying to make a change in their life – they need help in terms of knowledge (education) or they need help being accountable.  And the more I spend time in the gym the more I realise these things to be true.

    Don’t think for a second that I am trying to say that we aren’t here to help with both – but the issues most people come to us with are directly related to ONE of those things.  For example, the ‘Can you help me with my food’ question generally has its basis in this – either the person needs help with food choices and food quantities, OR they want someone to take control of their menu because they just aren’t sure what to eat.

    I was thinking about this during the week and somehow I started going down the track that all of our gym challenges – and we run them every second month – are about ‘accountability’.  I was concerned that we weren’t doing ‘enough’ to really cover off on the education side of things which wasn’t enabling you guys to really ‘grow’ and get where you want to go (wherever the heck that might be!).  So I started digging through our challenges for the year and this is what I found.

    We kicked off in Feb with the 28-days Later Challenge and whilst that has an element of accountability, the primary purpose of that exercise is education around food choices, training frequency and – believe it or not – in training independently.  That challenge was all about finding time outside of classes to get your extras done and I can say without hesitation that I wish I had kept doing those extras beyond the end of February.

    In April the challenge was all about being accountability.  We ran the ‘All Class’ challenge which was exactly that – getting ‘X’ number of classes done during the month.  Feedback from a few regulars was this was ‘The challenge you have when you don’t have a challenge’…but what everyone forgets is not ‘everyone’ has been attending Round 1 for 5 years and way, way back when we first started running challenges they were all about doing classes…there were no extras.  Just the simple exercise in setting out to do 25 classes in a month is a great achievement, not too mention that the sheet slowly but surely filling up with trainer signatures is pretty darned satisfying!

    In June it was education all the way as we ran ‘The ONE’ challenge.  This was all about getting ‘BETTER’ at something and we created individual training plans to help participants work on the part of their ‘game’ that they most wanted to improve.

    August rolled around and it was a combination of education and accountability as we all had classes to finish and extras to do specific to our training preference – cardio, abs or strength.  I have to say, like the 28-days Later challenge, this is one set of ‘extras’ (I did the core/abs challenge) that I wish I had kept going into September and beyond.  I know as well as everyone that you simply can’t do everything – that said, I could have found 15 minutes, 3 times per week to keep my core program going!

    Now, I loved the October Challenge (though I am biased because man o man I put in some work pulling it together) but it was an awesome combination of education through eating (what to eat AND how much) as well as accountability with the classes and extras and MORE education with the whole ‘teaching people to train independently and teaching them how much can be done in 20 minutes or less’ (hello “TRES HUNDO”!!).

    Which all brings me back to where we started.  Do you need educating or do you need to be held accountable in order to get done what needs doing?  I really hope the December Challenge – the ’12 Days of Christmas’ – ticks both boxes.  Now, of course, there is an accountability component to the December challenge.  Of course there is.  I originally decided on a challenge for December just to keep myself focussed on my training goals as the year wound up (not so much now, but once upon a time I had a social life as well as a gym life!).  Remaining focussed on getting my sessions done – maintaining my GPP (general physical preparedness) – right through to the end of the year is important to me…I don’t want to train for 11-months and slip backwards in December…even if I don’t necessarily ‘move forward’ there is no way I want to slide backwards!  But I am hoping now that the December Challenge is about teaching as well.

    What are we trying to teach you?  Well, there are 10x awesome workouts I haven’t used anywhere before that you could ‘fall back on’ anytime you are in the gym and want to spend 10-20 PRODUCTIVE minutes before or after a session – or maybe you can only get there for 30-minutes outside of class times…hang on to that challenge sheet and you will have a great idea of some cool workouts you can do that doesn’t involve mindless treadmill running.  We are also trying to teach you that no matter how busy you are, where there is a will there is a way – 12 classes in 21 days is the target and you absolutely CAN DO IT.  You might need to get out of your comfort zone and squeeze in an 8pm session here or a 5am session there…but if you are determined to do it, it CAN BE DONE.  And unfortunately me telling you that only goes so far…you have to make a plan, commit to the plan and execute the plan in order to convince yourself that stuff like this is possible…but once you have done it once, you will ALWAYS be able to find a way in the future.

    Let me know if any of this sounds good (or not) with an email to

    See you in the gym,


    p.s.  For people asking Christmas Hours questions, keep reading…there is some stuff on that down the page!

    Gym Update #1 – December Challenge

    The ’12-days of Christmas’ challenge starts TOMORROW – and it is not too late to join.  Remember that the idea of this challenge is NOT to ruin everyone’s social lives – it is quite the opposite really.  What we try to do in the ’12-days of Christmas’ challenge is acknowledge that it is a busy time for everyone – but at the same time provide people with a way to focus on maintaining their training during what is a chaotic time of the year.

    Here’s what you have to do:

    12- group training sessions in 21 days.
    12- ‘EXTRA’ workouts.

    With the ‘extras’ we have created 10x NEW workouts that range in difficulty from “Pretty darned easy” to “Who in their right mind comes up with this stuff”…but either way, YOU are in charge. Stick with the easy ones, stick with the hard ones, stick with the ones in the middle…or mix it all up however you like. All I can say is that they are both awesome and awesomely F-U-N.

    Sign up link is HERE:  Register for the Challenge!

    Gym Update #2 – Membership Special (New Members)

    We have the most amazing membership special ever and it is available all the way up until, well, January 1st…but the sooner you take it up, the better the deal!  This deal is available to anyone who is new to Round 1 (or to people whose membership expired more than 6-months ago.  It is called the ‘EARLY START’ special and it works like this.

    1/.  Sign up to the gym now.

    2/.  Pay nothing until January 1st.

    3/.  There is no ‘3’.  That’s it.  Join now, don’t pay until January.

    The only term and condition is that you MUST keep your membership active until at least April 30th, 2018.

    The idea behind the ‘name’ of the special is that it gives you an ‘Early Start’ on your 2018 New Years resolutions.  Why wait till 2018 when you can start working towards your goals NOW!  If your goal is to drop 5kgs, well – who knows?  Get to the gym 3-4 times per week and follow the simple eating rules from the Summer Slam challenge and you could very well achieve that BEFORE the new year comes along.

    Tell your friends.  Awesome special ahead!

    Gym Update #3 – Time Table Changes

    We are messing around with some timetable changes at the moment and I do apologise if any uncertainty has been caused to this point.  Please remember though, all we have actually do to this point is TALK about doing some stuff and ADD an extra session on Saturday morning.

    This week there will be a couple of other changes:

    1/.  6am Saturday:  Boxing

    2/.  4pm Wednesday:  Cancelled class – TANKS

    3/.  4pm Wednesday:  New CLASS – DAP

    4/.  8:30am Saturday:  New CLASS – DAP

    So what does that really mean?  We have added a 6am Saturday (and it will remain until Saturday December 16th at this point and an 8:30am class on Saturday for 14-18 year olds and dropped the 4pm Tanks session Wednesday in favour of a class for 14-18 year olds.

    There are a few other things we ‘want’ to do but these will wait until the new year (and in all likelihood, February).

    Gym Update #4 – New Products from True Protein

    Late mail – I have received notification from TRUE PROTEIN that our order should be in stock TOMORROW.  Now, let’s all take that under advisement – after all, ‘tomorrow’ covers a lot of ground! – but hopefully by the time the 5pm session is underway the shelves will be stocked!

    We have signed a supplier agreement with TRUE Protein which means (as soon as it arrives) we will be able to offer you a new protein option within Round 1.  The product looks EXCELLENT in terms of both quality and price point – I am very pleased that we will be able to retail this product for approx. $60 per 1kg bag for flavoured options (and they offer a LOT of flavours).

    Now – of course the flavoured product is going to have additives in it (the premium Progenex product we already offer does for sure) but not everyone likes the unflavoured option from Boomers…if you are one of those people and want an affordable protein source, this might very well be worth giving a try.

    Gym Update #5 – Christmas Opening Hours

    Just as we did last year, there will be some changes to our hours over the Christmas/New Year period.  Our policy remains the same as ever – open on as many days as possible, but run a slightly restricted timetable…the idea being that sessions run so everyone can get their ‘FIX’ but the staff at the gym also get a little bit of family time…

    More details to follow, but at this stage we will only be ‘CLOSED’ on two days (Christmas Day and New Years Day).  Outside of that, stay tuned for next week!

    Link of the Week

    Bit of fun on the assault bike – 1 minute, Max Calorie challenge!


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