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    Developing Athlete Program – Running Extension, Oct/Nov 2022

    Hey Team,

    Just a quick Monday note to let you know about a new DAP (Developing Athlete) extension program that will be running over the next two months.

    From next TUESDAY (October 11th) until the end of November, we will be offering a running program EXTENSION to the existing Developing Athletes program designed specifically to prepare those athletes about to enter into pre-season for their winter sports – it is particularly applicable to those athletes entering into either the FUTURES or COLTS programs at WAFL level.

    The program will start at 5pm each Tuesday and Thursday – we will meet at the gym (hopefully all of the participants will already be here because they have been doing the Developing Athlete session) and we will head down the road to Anning Park to complete some running.  Most programs (South Fremantle, East Fremantle etc) continue to use a 2km time-trial as their initial fitness ‘test’ – and they will further use that 2km performance as input for each athlete’s ongoing MAS running…essentially, heading along and recording a poor 2km time trial can really compromise an athletes ability to continue in the program (right or wrong, fitness levels are a major influencer of squad selection)…as they say, you only have ONE chance to make a good first impression.

    That said, the program is not designed to help an athlete break the world 2km record – what it IS designed to do is help them establish a STRONG running base so that they are both prepared for the overall rigors of the pre-season program and able to record a ‘solid’ time on their initial 2km time trial.

    Anyone who is registered for Developing Athlete is eligible to participate in the program at no additional cost – you can book into the sessions (listed as ‘Running Club’) via the website ( ) or through the ‘Member Me +’ app.  If you are having any issues with this, please reach out via email (

    Thanks – See you all in the gym,



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